Renting an AMD EPYC supercomputer is now affordable

Renting an AMD EPYC supercomputer is now affordable

Cloud computing has democratized access to many useful services, such as storage VPN and web hosting – all of have become very popular and also cheap.

This was achieved by the opening of the nearly unlimited computing power, storage and network resources to almost everyone with a credit card in your name. And Yes, the principle also extends to Supercomputer – well, almost.

Take Microsoft Azure, for example, along with Google and Amazon, it is one of the largest Hyper-scaler/cloud-giants in the world.

Wading through the mind-numbing quantity of options, we found a so-called virtual machine instance (HBv2) with 120 CPU cores of AMD EPYC 7002 series with 4 GB of RAM per core, and 900GB of temporary storage.

Now, on its own, 120 CPU-cores, not the challenge even a supercomputer from the beginning of the Millennium. But since it costs only 3.60 $per hour (the price per core of $0.03), there’s nothing to prevent you from buying 100, for example, that could allow you to predict the weather, or behavior-fluid-dynamics-analyses, if they are so inclined.

12,000 CPU-combined cores packs a big punch and, because the body can skew the instance line price of almost 80%, you could say, we are almost to change the handling in the bag.

Found a better offer?

Have you managed to make a cheaper product with the appropriate specifications? Let us know and we will do our tip hat. 

HBv2 series VMs up to 350GBps of memory bandwidth, up to 50% faster than Intel’s x86 and 3x faster than the majority of HPC customers with data center services. HBv2 series-VMs-function 200Gbps HDR-InfiniBand from Mellanox.

Note, EPYC instances are available only in some regions, and there is currently a supply and demand Problem, this could mean that the product is not available.

Released on Sun, 03 may 2020 03:00:29 +0000

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