Reddit, The Speeches Against Hatred, Bans ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit

Reddit, the speeches Against hatred, Bans ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit

SAN FRANCISCO — Reddit, one of the largest social networking and message board sites, on Monday, banned the largest community dedicated to President Trump as part of an overhaul of its hate-speech policy.

The community or “subreddit” called The_Donald,” is home to more than 790.000 user, the post-memes, viral videos, and supportive messages about Mr. Trump. Reddit executives said the group, which was very influential in the care and Mr Trump stirs up the online-based, had consistently broken the rules in that it allows people to target and harass the other with hatred.

“Reddit is a place for community and belonging, not to attack people,” Steve Huffman, the company’s chief executive, said in a call with reporters. “‘The_Donald’ was in violation of.”

Reddit said, there is also a ban on about 2,000 other municipalities from across the political spectrum, including one dedicated to the left-podcasting-group “Chapo Trap House”, has about 160,000 regular users. The vast majority of the forums, you are prohibited inactive.

“The_Donald,” the decided on a digital basis for Mr Trump’s followers, by far the most active and outstanding community, the Reddit against. For years, many of the most viral Trump meme, they broke through on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere could be traced back to “The_Donald.” A video, “The trump effect,” the origin of the “The_Donald” in mid-2016, before it bubbles up to Mr. Trump, it has to its 83 million followers.

Social media are legitimate sites, with a statement of the types of content that you are hosting and your responsibility to and police the content. While Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and other originally was positioned as a neutral web sites hosted, the people, the posts and videos that users are now pushing action against hate-filled, abusive and false speech on their platforms.

Some of the Websites have lately more and more Initiative in dealing with these issues. Twitter began adding labels in the last month to place some of Mr. Trump’s tweets, to the accuracy of or call to glorify violence. Snap also said it would stop the promotion of Mr. Trump Stoke could Snapchat account after determining that his public comments off the site of the violence.

On Monday, the streaming website Twitch exposed, Mr. Trump, the account for the violation of their policy against hateful behavior. Mr. Trump, of the had channel, reported one of his campaign events starting in 2015, in which he disparages Mexicans and immigrants, among other streams. Twitch removed the videos from the President’s account.

YouTube also said on Monday that it was, apart from the six channels for violation of its policies. They contain two prominent advocates of the supremacy of the white, David Duke and Richard Spencer, and the American Renaissance, a white supremacist publication. Stefan Molyneux, podcasters, and internet commentator, had the large audience on YouTube for his videos to philosophy and extreme right-wing politics, was also the starting shot for the Website.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has said, it is refuses to be a referee of the content. The company said that it’s possible all the talk of the political leaders would remain on the platform, even if the posts were untrue or problematic, because such content was up to date and to read in the public interest.

Facebook has since come under increasing fire for his attitude. In the last couple of weeks, many large advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Verizon, Levi Strauss and Unilever, have said they plan to talk to pause the ads on the social network, because they were unhappy with the handling of hate and misinformation.

Andrea Hickerson, associate dean of the College of Information and Communications at the University of South Carolina, said the increasing actions of social media companies would help cut down “on the noise and unjustified confusion to the truth.”

“There are a lot of popular rhetoric about ‘the media’ have a negative impact on the civil discourse, but now social media companies recognize that some of its own users are the problem,” she said.

Reddit, which since its founding 15 years ago, and has more than 430 million regular users, has long been a corner of the Internet that was willing to host all types of communities. No topic — no matter whether it was video games or make-up or power-wash driveways too small to discuss. People could simply register, browse the site anonymously, and the participation of around 130,000 active subreddits.

Still, the free-running position, has led to many questions of the poisonous speech and offensive content on the Website Reddit has always criticism. In the past the company has hosted forums, promoted racism against black people, and open mind sexualized-year-old children, all in the name of free speech.

This is haltingly changed over time. In the year 2015, Reddit the anti-bullying policies introduced. A year later, it prohibited several of the subreddits that the targeted black or obese people. In 2016, it will be rolled out to additional anti-bullying measures and tools. In addition, the forums took dedicated to open, the buying and selling of drugs.

But fought the executives, in particular the handling of “The_Donald”, and its harmful content. Reddit said that people in “The_Donald” written consistently, racist and vulgar messages to promote, harassment, and targeted to people of different religious and ethnic groups on and off of your site.

“The_Donald” has also been busy in conspiracy theories, including the spreading of the debunked “pizza-gate” conspiracy that Hillary Clinton and top Democrats were falsely accused of running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Pizzeria in Washington.

Reddit said that the Monday, it was the introduction of eight rules, laid down the conditions that must be observed by the user. These include the prohibition of targeted harassment, revealed the identities of the others, posting sexually exploitative content in connection with underage children, as well as the trade in illegal substances or other illegal transactions.

While the Website is already banned, many of these behaviors had the latest changes

Mr. Huffman users to “The_Donald” was often violated his first updated rule: “Remember the human.” He said that he and others tried at Reddit again and again to reason with the moderators of the “The_Donald,” which is the subreddit on a voluntary basis, without success. The forum ban was a last-ditch attempt to harassment, he said.

“said We have too many opportunities to be successful,” Mr. Williams. “The message is clear that you have no intention of working with us.”

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