Razer hunter Tournament Edition rating: This is a stripped-down-hall-laser-focused on the ‘pro’ features

Razer hunter Tournament Edition rating: This is a stripped-down-hall-laser-focused on the ” pro ” features

About a year ago, we tested the Razer hunter Elite, arguably the first mainstream foray into the optical keyboard switches. And um…the only one, really. Optical switches do not have a progress compared to traditional mechanical keyboards.

Razer is doubling down but, the introduction of the Huntsman Tournament Edition for 2019. Like the rest of Razer Tournament Edition boards, the hunter TE the numpad—and a lot of the Elite hunter trenches, the personality in the process. But if you are looking for a simple keyboard with some enthusiast-grade influences, the hunters, the TE is a pretty interesting statement.

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Laser beams

I’m trying to say is that the hunter is in the role for Razer, but Razer would do a disservice. Sure, I Razer to associate mostly with eye-catching hardware. See the original hunter-Elite, the Packed RGB LEDs in its removable wrist rest, one of the most over-the-top design elements I’ve ever seen.

But for each of the RGB-wrist rest or mouse pad, Razer a device, such as the hunter TE. Shortened and simplified, the idea (I think) is that the professionals are distractions all the series on Razer’s other models. The Tournament Edition is pure. All the power, and nothing more.

Razer hunter TE IDG / Hayden Dingman

Who is to say, whether it really is what pros want. The fact is, like Logitech’s respective Pro-line, Razer tests, a lot of interesting ideas under the name of “esports” brand.

case in point, the hunter Tournament Edition caps is the first Razer keyboard to boast double-shot PBT key. Popular in enthusiast circles for years well, PBT is a thicker and more durable plastic than ABS-alternative on most keyboards. As a bonus, it is also resistant, the Shine, the to often-pressed keys.

Will be the average person will be able to tell the difference, or appreciate even to know a difference? Unlikely. The hunter TE buttons look the same as the Razer, other keyboards, black squares emblazoned with a thin sans-serif font. Maybe—maybe, you would notice a slight thickness of the plastic, or a deeper thock when a button floors. But it is unlikely.

although it doesn’t matter. The advantages exist regardless.

– to benefit enthusiasts. With a company of this size, the processing of PBT, prices sure go down. Razer standalone-key-cap replacement sets list for $30, significantly lower than the popular enthusiast brands like Ducky, Vortex, and Tai-Hao. And you are-backlight-ready, a rarity for PBT key caps.

Razer hunter TE IDG / Hayden Dingman

Razer’s done well, in other words. This does not necessarily mean to convert enthusiasts Razer buttons, but they are an easily accessible option for those not steeped mechanical keyboard-culture. And where Razer goes, I’m not sure, Logitech and Corsair can be far behind. PBT could soon pay the norm, not the exception—at least as a premium option for those willing to.

The TE is also Razer’s latest optical (or “opto-mechanical” in Razer ‘ s use of language) switch, a linear “Red” debuted counterpart to the clicky “Purple” switch last summer.

I liked the Purple, but I’m less Razer’s sold Reds. Gaming keyboards have been trending towards lighter and lighter switches the past few years, and Razer ‘ s Reds reached a new extreme. Cherry MX-Speed – /silver-switches are often on Corsair and other boards, and have a 1.2 mm actuation at 45 grams of force. Razer drops this even further to a 1.0 mm actuation in 40 gram-force.

Optical switch are generally smoother than their mechanical counterparts, and while Razer red wines are enjoyable in isolation. You are so damn easy if my fingers rest on the keys is enough to drive you. This is not so much a Problem to enter while gaming, but after a settling in period I find them to be a disadvantage for day-to-day.

Razer hunter TE IDG / Hayden Dingman

I continue to have the Problem with Razer’s marketing optical switch. First, some background from our original hunter make:

“In a standard mechanical switch you press the button, metal contacts metal, a circuit is formed, and the computer then interprets the circuit as the key in question. With optical keyboards, the process is the same, almost exactly, except that instead of metal, the command-line option to the light.”

Only for the last inch or so of the circuit, however. Razer is really set on selling this whole “speed of light” – thing, but, you know, the difference in transfer speed between a centimeter laser and an inch from the circuit? For our purposes of the moment are both substantially uniform. It is a nonsensical distinction. Yes, probably even for pro gamers.

I hate misleading marketing like this, not least because it is a disservice to the current advantages of optical switches. Drag to make a line of our original hunter, “you can spill a beer on the keyboard, and it is probably are you still working.” The laser-based mechanism at the heart of optical switches is more resistant than metal-to-metal contacts.

And that has consequences for the entire life of the keyboard. Conventional switches are designed for a certain number of key strokes—50 million, in the case of the Cherry MX. An optical switch, more than double the Tests at 100 million keystrokes. It is unlikely that they would hit. either these caps than 50 million strokes translates to your most-used key-in 20 years-the types of the low-end. But the fact remains, an optical switch, are a little less prone to the problems of development.

Razer hunter TE IDG / Hayden Dingman

Still, I would not recommend necessarily, the new Red switch. Razer’s clicky Purple optical switches are a solid alternative to other tactile switches like Cherry MX Blues and Razer Greens, especially for those special cases (like the people who really mash on some buttons), on which optical more longevity may provide. But the Razer only sells the Tournament Edition with the new ultra-light Red switches, and I just can’t imagine, with you as my day-to-day. If you tend to be 90% gaming and 10 percent in input, maybe, but the low resistance and narrow actuating cause more problems than they solve. We have reached a point effect.

have I saved the discussion of the hunter TE build up to the last, because it’s not much to say . Technically falls under the hunter, but this stripped down version could not load more of the RGB-hunters Elite that we tested in the last year. There is no wrist rest, no dedicated media keys, no number pad, no frills at all.

For some people this is an advantage. If you just want a basic black rectangle with a removable USB-C cable, it’s hard to go wrong with the hunter TE. This is not my preferred style of Boards, but I’m not going to blame Razer that.

Bottom line

The hunter line mainly interested in me because Razer the assumption of risk is. It is the big bet on optical switches in the last year, then a new optical switch in this year. And now it is the caps once with PBT key as well. With the mechanical keyboard market is essentially “dissolved” or stagnates, it is interesting to see Razer make bets on the future. Safe bets, pioneered by enthusiasts long before Razer came on the scene, but bets nonetheless.

As the hunter TE itself, I think it’s a perfectly fine keyboard, if you can stomach the Red switch is a low resistance. The price is steeper than I would like, and $150 is much more than you would have caps to pay for a tenkeyless board with a traditional switch, even factoring in a set of PBT key. The hunter TE is one of the few keyboards that checks all the boxes, however, tenkeyless, backlit, PBT key caps, and optical switches. Perhaps the only is a. Chances are, you know, if that’s what you need.

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