Racist Insults And Swastikas Fuel Citizens ‘ Rights, Pressure On Zoom

Racist insults And swastikas fuel citizens ‘ rights, pressure On the Zoom

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Zoom is an important tool for the millions, the say during the pandemic, but the civil rights groups, the company must, to stop the aggressive harassment on its platform.

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Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

A civil law group is demanding, the Zoom-to do more to stop harassment on its video-conferencing platform.

Change the color of the, a learned non-profit that advocates for the equal treatment without distinction of race, is the session on Friday with Zoom’s global risk and compliance officer, Lynn Haaland, NPR. The group plans to concerns about a rise in “zoom bombing” attacks with racist insults and hate.

“are Black women, the gathering of a Church [on Zoom], and the people have come, in the drawing of the genitalia and called them the N-word,” said Rashad Robinson, President of the color Change.

His and other groups have found evidence of the organized zoom bombing campaigns on Twitter and Instagram, and 4chan, an online message board popular with the far right. In the screenshots seen by NPR, shared links and passwords to coordinate attacks on unsuspecting Zoom-user.

to Change the color, Zoom and more responsibility for the says to on its platform.

“We want you to be said to release a concrete plan to combat racial harassment,” Robinson.

The group also wants to focus Zoom, you hire a chief diversity officer, as the technologies to minorities, the improvement of the safety and apologize formally to the victims.

color Change has set, other interest groups, are Zoom customers viewed their demands, including the National LGBTQ Task Force and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, according to a letter to Zoom from NPR.

In a statement, Zoom, said, that it would “Change the user takes security very seriously, and the company looks forward to discussing with The color.”

“Zoom” was founded as a remote conferencing service for the company. But its popularity has exploded, while the Corona-Virus-pandemic, as people move home, classes, town halls, and even Passover Seders online. The company says it had 200 million users per day in March.

The Anti-Defamation League is among the groups to consider the. She says she has two zoom bombing attacks on a well-known white nationalist, the displayed a swastika tattoo in virtual events from Jewish groups.

“As more and more people spend time at home, the extremists who look to find ways to use the technology to harass people,” said Oren Segal, who leads the Anti-Defamation League center on extremism, during a presentation this week on zoom bombing.

“these are the moments where people try, in the municipality of find, try to find possibilities to have a normal discussion with colleagues, with friends and with family,” he said. “And that’s why this is particularly worrying.”

law enforcement is also attention. Prosecutors in Michigan have warned that anyone who hacks video conferences, you can of a crime and are charged with prison time.

In the last couple of weeks, Zoom taken steps to make it more difficult for invaders to conquer the meet. It now requires passwords by default, for example. If people report harassment, the company blocks attacker IP addresses, so that you do not get back on the Zoom from the same device.

But critics say Zoom should be proactive, as other platforms have also plagued by trolls, neo-Nazis and other harassers.

NPR’s Everything this week, Zoom’s CEO and founder, Eric Yuan, whether or not he should have, expected such attacks.

“I would have never thought about this very seriously,” he said.

researchers in the study warn of online extremism, the harassment begins with a zoom bombing does not end with the virtual meeting.

“are creating A lot of these people doing a video or screenshots and then share them in other places,” said Joan Donovan from the Harvard Kennedy School, shore stone Center. “We see the artifacts zoom bombing show up on YouTube and on TikTok and on other video sharing platforms.”

If that happens, it’s hard for Zoom — or individual enterprise — at the end of the vicious circle.

note: “Zoom” is sponsoring NPR.

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