Pokemon sword and shield makes Roku devices to crash – CNET

Pokemon sword and shield makes Roku devices crash – CNET


The new Pokemon game sends strange signals on Roku devices.

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon sword and shield does not play nice with Roku. The Nintendo switch game that came out Nov. 15, makes Roku devices on the same network to crash and be stuck in a boot loop, the company confirmed on Reddit.

“We are aware of a Problem with the use of Nintendo-switches and the latest Pokemon game impact on a limited number of Roku devices. We are working diligently to resolve this Problem,” it said. 

For the moment, Nintendo proposed that the people, the Problem is with your console to airplane mode (which cuts him from the network).  Roku’s and TV devices affected, and Reddit users reported.

The problem is caused by the games, the’ Y-Comm-service that is constantly in search of other Pokemon players on the same Wi-Fi network, and online, according to a Reddit user. Roku devices seem to error Pokemon data for its own data packets and crash because you can’t read it.

Neither the Roku nor the Pokemon Company immediately responded to requests for comment.

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Released on Mon, 18 Nov 2019 11:20:00 +0000

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