Pirate Radio: a special series from The Verge

Pirate Radio: a special series from The Verge

Maybe you think of revolutionaries, the provision of programmes run under a repressive regime. Or maybe you imagine an exciting boat of the rock-stars, worn by the consequence-free promise of international waters. Maybe it reminds us of something far, far away from the past.

But as soon as you remove the idea of a pirate radio from his mythology, you realize that it exists, especially for people who live in the margins. The Haitian Americans from Brooklyn. The Hmong people in the Midwest. The Pashtuns in Afghanistan. The space between the frequencies, it turns out, is huge. The stories and the people in these pages we present a complicated narrative of what illegal transfers can do and whom they reach. Because that is always the power of the radio — its coverage.


Released on Mon, 25 Nov 2019 19:20:43 +0000

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