OnePlus visual identity gets a new face

OnePlus visual identity gets a new face

OnePlus as a company, has prided itself always on its design decisions. It extends not only to its products, but also other elements that make up the OnePlus experience. 

To continue to term, OnePlus, the introduction of a completely new brand visual identity (VI), which is the biggest change since the founding of the company in the year 2013. It is important to emphasise that the change is intentional and aims to make the brand more recognizable and versatile. 

A new simpler, cleaner, bolder logo was also unveiled, which makes the “1” read more natural, while the “+” has been made larger and more prominent. Likewise, the Logo was updated with a uniformly thick font, the is also easier. These improved systems will also be easier to use that across multiple platforms as well as digital media.

the logo of the transformation

The logo-transformation

OnePlus is also the change to a new color palette. The iconic red is still the primary color, followed by cyan, green, magenta, indigo and yellow, in the hope that the graphics are more vibrant and alive. At the same time, a new font is used for better readability.

OnePlus adds that this overhaul was seven months in the making handled by in-house creatives as well as external Agency. She adds: “The goal of the unification of all interactions with OnePlus, not only communication, but also the experience with OnePlus’ products and services across all touchpoints was.”

Mats Hakansson, the global creative director of OnePlus, explains that this shift was not to change but to strengthen the spirit of Never Repay. These changes have been incorporated, keeping the iconic elements in the eye during the injection, both with excitement and balance.

The CEO is also share more about what went behind this design, what has changed and what it means for the OnePlus-brand. Of course, we expect that these changes will start to be a part of the upcoming OnePlus-8-series’, which is only a month.

Released on Thu, 18 Mar 2020 08:41:46 +0000

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