NordVPN strengthens the security with the new bug-bounty-program

NordVPN strengthens the security with the new bug-bounty-program

As part of its ongoing efforts to increase the security of the VPN service NordVPN to live by his own bug-bounty called program on the HackerOne platform.

The new program is inviting ethical hackers and security researchers to find potential security vulnerabilities in the VPN provider the software and log on to rewards on monetary.

head of communications at NordVPN, Ruby Gonzalez explained how the company will help the new bug-bounty program, secure your infrastructure, namely:

“At NordVPN, we look to our infrastructure and customer data as secure as possible. And community involvement is essential to the achievement of this goal.”

Bug bounty program

NordVPN ‘ s new bug-bounty-program security experts to promote analyze your website, applications and services. Through their efforts, the company hopes to increase both the quality and the security of your VPN service.

It is a win-win-situation for researchers and NordVPN user, as a researcher will receive a cash reward for finding bugs, while the users can rest assured knowing that your VPN service will be scoured for errors of thousands of people every day, make it as safe as possible.

For minor problems, NordVPN pay the premiums of $100 during the reporting critical error, researchers can earn as much as $5,000. All finds must be reported, with the HackerOne platform and the company will accept the findings in relation to their applications, servers, back-end services, website, and more.

NordVPN bug pounty program is one of the five measures, the company is implementing to improve its safety in addition to the change to RAM, diskless servers, and a complete infrastructure, security audit, the partnership with the cybersecurity firm VerSprite and higher safety standards.

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Released on Tue, 10 December 2019 21:45:15 +0000

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