New Sonos Radio brings free music to Sonos customers

New Sonos Radio brings free music to Sonos customers

Sonos Radio, starting today brings free music streaming is it free from advertising for all Sonos customers, the update install a software Roll-out. Some of the more than 60,000 stations available—including Sonos Sound System, and some “artist stations,” curated by popular artists such as Thom Yorke of Radiohead and the Talking Heads David Byrne—free of advertising. Sonos is also stream, the partnership with iHeartRadio and TuneIn, ad-supported radio, including news-and sports-in addition to the music. Users can stream your local participating radio stations based on your zip code./p>

Sonos Sound System is curated and organized by the Sonos employee inclusion in a new radio studio built in Sonos’ flagship story in New York City. The station is sorted, the focus is on new and familiar music to the genre: Blues Masters, Concert Hall, Indie-Gold and Punk-Riot are just a few examples in the station catalog.

Sonos also promises to provide behind-the-scenes stories and guest artists, radio hour, hosted by the likes of Angel Olsen and Phoebe Bridgers. Artist-hosted radio hour, which will be published every Wednesday and run for 60 minutes with music, commentary, and the host ‘ s latest work.

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sonos radio thom yorke Sonos

Radiohead front man Thom Yorke is one of several artists to curate user-defined internet radio stations to Sonos.

Curated artist stations inspired by the music of other musicians, influences, or otherwise, the host captures the attention. Thom Yorke ‘ s artist-station In the absence of such…, today, start, features, and music from artists that have inspired the Radiohead front man. “Here, in a new form,” York said, “is that always rolls compilation/office chart habit of mine compiled what I have found recently, that fascinates or moves me, what challenges obsesses me, me, new doors open, reminds me of what I might have forgotten….”

Sonos says your Sonos stations catalog is powered by Napster (formerly Rhapsody), which was the first streaming service available on the platform. Listeners who fall in love with one of the music you listen to on Sonos Radio could try higher-resolution images of the tracks or albums you like the most, because the music is streamed at a relatively low bit rate of 128 Kbps.

sonos-sonic-logo-philip glass 4 Sonos

Sonos commissioned to write a composer and pianist Philip Glass, sonic logos for the new Sonos-Radio-service.

While this is the typical bit rate for internet radio, it is lower than the 160Kbps Spotify offers subscribers to its free tier. Paid subscription services like Spotify usually offer bit rates from 320 kbit / s, while the premium services like tidal and Qobuz stream lossless audio to 850Kbps or more. Traditionalists, meanwhile, might consider tearing up the purchase of physical CDs to them, and encode them as FLAC Files (assuming you have an optical drive, that is).

In other Sonos news, the company announced today that he has commissioned American composer and pianist Philip Glass (Einstein on the Beach, Koyaanisqatsi), to create a series of sonic logos (in the range of 3 – 30 seconds) for the company. You can choose the music you hear here.

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