Mohu curve 50 TV antenna review: Pretty, but not powerful

Mohu curve 50 TV antenna review: Pretty, but not the power

The Mohu curve 50 is one of the best looking antennas that we have tested in a while. It is suitable for use in areas with strong to medium-strong signals, but don’t think it’s for weak signal areas. Also, with its in-line amplifier, the antenna is not our current top indoor antenna will outperform the Winegard flat wave Amped.

The curve 50 is well made and sturdy. It can be carefully balanced to stand up on its own, although it is much more stable with its supplied stand. It is white on the front, black on the back, and will not be too out of place in a home, although its size means that visitors will notice it. Because of its unique shape, there are some space on the shelf, as it will not be hung on a wall.


Mohu, says of the curve 50 is suitable for use in the suburbs, and our testing supports this, but it is better in some suburbs than others. If the distance is the only thing that separates it from a TV-transmitter, the amplifier will help pull in the stations. It could even live up to I Can promise on his Amazon to pull the listing of stations within a 60-mile radius of home.” Mohu makes the modest claim of “50-miles-offer” on the own website.

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means the curved shape of The Mohu curve 50, it may not be wall-hung or suction-cupped to a window.

TechHive-testing-site, about 30 miles from San Francisco, a series of hills make it difficult to reception and make a difficult environment for the antennas. Many of the Bay Area-market-stations can only be pulled in of the best antennas, and in this situation, the performance of funds was moderate in comparison to our current top-indoor-antenna: In a side-by-side channels, the Winegard is better than the Mohu antenna.

The flat wave Amped moved in five physical channels and a total of 25 TV stations, while the Mohu curve 50 will receive only the four physical channels, and 19 stations (A physical broadcast channel carries several TV stations Packed together). The Winegard in addition, marginal reception managed on an additional broadcast channel of the Mohu antenna does not pick up at all.

When deciding whether you should use this antenna to buy, they also want to be careful of other things that can affect TV reception, such as near trees or large buildings. On the Basis of our reception tests, TechHive continue to rate the Winegard flat wave Amped, as our pick-under indoor antennas.

parts and installation

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The Mohu curve 50 comes with a 16-foot coaxial cable, but you can make your own, if a longer or shorter cable is better suited.

the Installation was simple and no different from other indoor antennas. The Mohu curve has an antenna Jack on the back so you can cable the use of existing coax, if you have it. Mohu offers a 16-foot-long cable, or you buy your own cable as required. It is also included in-line amplifier, powered with a USB port. If you have a TV device with a free USB-socket, which comprises electricity, you can connect the amplifier directly to him. If not, you can wart is the supplied wall-to-wall, but that means you need an outlet in the vicinity.

Should you buy the Mohu curve 50?

The Mohu curve 50 looks great, but its performance is mediocre. If you are after a stylish TV antenna and live in an area with strong to medium-strong signals, this looks a whole lot better than our top-Winegard flat wave Amped. But if you want the best performance, go with the Winegard antenna; or, better still, ensure a perfect reception with an attic or roof antenna mounted.

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