Model 3, and home automation – Tesla Motors Club

Model 3, and home automation – Tesla Motors Club

The posting in the M3 forum, but this applies to any Tesla S, 3, X, Y.

I wanted to share something I’ve found very useful…

polyglot If you’re into home automation then seriously take a look at the Universal-devices ISY-994i and the Tesla.

you configure your Tesla as a home automation controller and responder, with a robust programming language, and a smart speaker integrations. It can be used with any Insteon, X10 and Z-wave device, you may already have, or buy.

Some use cases that I’ve found useful


  • charging Plan automatically for a particular day/time, and current consumption when the SoC battery voltage is below a predetermined level. No need to get out of the screen in the car.

  • Alexa /Google-speaker integration. “Alexa…the car to warm up.” “Alexa-free the car to 75%.”

  • Additional parameters can be set when the application (for viewing and selection), as available, by other apps.

  • Send an E-Mail or text you when the SoC falls below a predetermined level,

  • Flash lights and honk the horn press (and text), if someone gets too close to your car (requires Insteon motion sensor)

  • Insert a pre-heat profile, which controls most of the climate-control functions (all of the seats (F&R), defrost, and on both sides of the heat temps).

  • Rotate Sentry mode on or off at specified days and times or conditions.

  • to Plan, the car, the outside temps are a prerequisite for any day/time when <> a predetermined temperature

With the supplied programming language, the possibilities are limitless, especially if you have solar and/or other Insteon devices. Set your lights come on and doors to unlock when you pull in the driveway…even have your favorite music playing when you walk in.

What you need

1.) The Universal devices ISY994i and the PowerLinc Modem at the top ($144 with 20% discount coupon by E-Mail) from Smarthome.
Universal devices ISY994i Controller – Insteon support + PLM

2.) A universal device portal subscription ($49 for 2 years)

3.) Download free Tesla-polyglot

you can lamps and other home automation devices (dimmers, sockets, motion detectors, Hue, etc.) the system, as desired.

I have attached some screenshots. It requires a basic knowledge of programming (if, then, else, variables, etc.) and technical knowledge, but it is amazing what you can do.
Tesla-polyglot selection criteria.jpg
program example.png
the Status Display.png

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