Microsoft Teams finally, custom background, adds support, as well as the Zoom

Microsoft Teams finally, the custom background will add support, in the same way as a Zoom

If you are a Microsoft-Teams-user envious watching Zoom enables the user to install,, fun, silly, virtual backgrounds to mess with your employees, your waiting has come to an end. Microsoft Teams now supports custom backgrounds, the company said on Thursday afternoon.

Microsoft has the ability to announced add your own custom backgrounds for more than a year ago, but the company had not redeemed their promise—the third teams, the anniversary came and went, without support. However, Microsoft announced the update in a tweet late on Thursday, bringing the drought. It is not clear, unfortunately, on which platforms the feature is supported, or whether all users get the new feature immediately.

“Zoom” provides support for custom backgrounds in the app integrates static images and video loops, which can be used as a motion background. (We offered a tutorial on how to create your own user-defined Zoom-backgrounds.) Teams, such as Zoom, can see you connect your webcam with artificial intelligence “” you and distinguish you from your background. Both apps are now able to replace the background with your own hand-picked static image. 

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Unfortunately, it is not clear whether the new team update will enable video backgrounds. Microsoft’s original announcement only described static images, “such as a company logo or office environment.”

However, to add a custom background in Zoom was a game-changer. Instead of the mundane ability to simply blur out your background environment, you can make them go away completely. This is a decided advantage, if you have a “home-office”, like I do with exercise equipment, packing-boxes, and other random things scattered. Make that virtual clutter go away, be tremendously to be forced to be helpful for the employee to work out of small apartments or those who are embarrassed about their confusion.

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Released on Thu, 09 Apr 2020 22:56:00 +0000

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