Microsoft check the wonders list in may 2020

Microsoft check the wonders list in may 2020

Well, you can argue that Microsoft is not give everyone enough notice. Microsoft said Monday that it plans to shut down its Wunderlist-to-do-list service on the 6. May, 2020.

you will still be able to, Wunderlist, until then, if Microsoft new applications is cutting. You have the option to remove your data from Wunderlist—or, as Microsoft hopes to export it in our own To-Do app.

Microsoft originally, the wunderlist app in 2015 will be bought, and then said, in the year 2017, it is planned to Do the phase-out wunderlist in favor of a similar, self-developed app called To. To offer since then has been developed and integrated into other applications, such as Outlook, a comprehensive note-taking service across multiple Microsoft applications. 

At the time, Microsoft said that Wunderlist would be maintained, while the Microsoft brand is solid, the functionality of the To-Do. “We are currently not working on new features for Wunderlist, as we focus on our new app, To Do the Microsoft says a Microsoft spokeswoman said in the year 2017. “As soon as we are sure To Do that, we have integrated the best of wunderlist in Microsoft, we will go into the retirement miracle list.”

Today, however, is that Microsoft blamed apparently to maintain himself for his inability to Wunderlist. “Why are we doing this now? We have stopped the release of new features and major updates to Wunderlist, as the app age, it has become harder to get,” Microsoft Wunderlist team wrote in a blog post. “As technology continues to advance, we cannot guarantee that Wunderlist will continue to work as it should, or how we would like it to.

“With all of our latest updates, we are confident in to Do the best alternative for Wunderlist now, and so we believe it is the right time to take the next step,” added Microsoft. 

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