Microsoft announces the Xbox-X-series on The Game Awards

Microsoft announces the Xbox-X-series on The Game Awards, along with a bright blade continued

This is a strange lead-up to the next generation of consoles is certainly. Sony is already low-key dribbling the information every few months by a series of Wi-Fi exclusives. Now Microsoft has gone ahead and blown the lid on project Scarlett at The Game Awards, of all places.

The Scarlett codename is no more. The official name is the Xbox X-series, which I assume refers to the fact there are several hardware start setup, in the next November, a low-powered (but cheap) and a high-powered (but expensive). Presumably, they will both use the same field, regardless of the oblong black obelisk shown in the reveal trailer below—but there is also a chance that the name points to the Xbox One-X, the low-cost option for the next.

That would be a confusing condition to the message, but would help, anxiety about this mid-gen upgrades. It is also a very PC to treat a similar manner, next-gen, really.

And speaking of the PC as the serial X-box sure does look like a PC tower. It is gorgeous, although I wonder how it’ll fit in most of the living room. You can also do it on his page? It is smaller than it looks? All questions be answered at a later time.p>

There is still a lot, really. Microsoft remained silent about what inside the Xbox series X as well, just tell us at E3 that it is based on AMD -, “built from the Zen 2 and the Navi CPU-and GPU-architectures”, and that it doesn’t sound four times as powerful as the Xbox One X. The tax, but again, a key detail Microsoft is not yet known yet.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer showed another launch title, but A light blade continuation of newly acquired Ninja Theory. Dubbed Senua Saga: hell blade 2, the trailer is a more amazing performance in terms of performance.

If this is what is looks like the game actually is…the next generation is damned interesting. My heart tells me, this is just the cutscenes and the actual game will look worse, but…well, I remember the first light blade have looked incredible on the PC. With new hardware as the baseline, and to Microsoft’s secure? We could

We keep updated when we hear. I guess we are safe for another four or five months, but then again I didn’t expect Microsoft to drop the important information on The Game Awards tonight. More’t fool me.

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Released on Fri, 13 Dec 2019 02:43:00 +0000

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