Making Android Smart devices Safer for enterprise use


Android-based products are not always the acclamation they were expected by the industry. Researches revealed many reasons for this, but all the research pointed to security as one of the prominent issues that remain behind the company brittle from adopting Android full-time in the company. However, IT admin and business owners have many options to address security-related threats arising from various points. In this letter I’m going to take over the security of this most popular mobile operating system and measures, the IT Manager and entrepreneur, to dealing with security issues. First let’s look at the very important question – what are faced the largest threats from Android to business level? There are many ways in which the threats related to Android could appear at the enterprise level. The most widespread is that IT managers cannot control Android mobile devices completely. The admin cannot prohibit or authorize the apps which are used. As a result, Android users apps from any app store can. Apps downloaded from non-trusted resources are mostly examined to the un and do not have the necessary security measures infused in them. These apps are the biggest source of malware attacks on any Server in the company. In addition to security policies also will not help IT to maintain managers a high degree of safety, because of the lack of centralized tool for the Android mobile operating system.Another major Problem faced by IT heads in the context of Android, that the majority of versions, the function of the native and disable the tracking system. This is in Apple ‘ s operating system and proved its handiness in device lost or stolen kind of scenario. Now the second question is why Android app security is such a big deal. Although, Google keeps a strict vigil on each and every app before it enter to the market, but there is no defined security parameters and standards that app developers must keep, during the development of apps for Android. The only aspect of security employed, the Google Sandbox, which sets certain limits on how you can operate an app with others. This function provides the marginal restrictions on the impact of malware. The hackers already have a method developed to confront this. You can use a malware to trick users sending authentic looking requests, and permission to access. Once permission is granted, you will transmit viruses and attacks on the entire mobile platform. Now the next question is, how do you distinguish a malicious app via a secure app? Experts say that before selecting apps to download in the Android store, business owners should study the reviews received by him. You should try to download apps only from the Google app store and try to avoid any third-party apps. IT admin can play their role, by the app users Veracode directory, which contains the names of the apps tested and approved in relation to the safety of Vera code. Apart from this, it is also necessary, because the admin be aware, app developers have a history of creating infectious apps. A conclusion here could take a few more steps that users and IT admin, tighten the security of Android devices in the offices. IT heads can. the consciousness in terms of safety and the importance of downloading apps only from trusted sources User protection for the screen should be activated in every situation. Added to this is that users with tablets, the function of “Find my Device” should learn, it more effective.

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