Logitech G-kit for the Xbox, the Adaptive Controller gears you up affordably – CNET

Logitech G-kit for the Xbox, the Adaptive Controller gears you up affordably – CNET

The kit is for large and small buttons, and the variable contains triggers.


frequently almost $50 a pop  (£50, AU$100) to find out what accessories you will need to adjust accordingly, a little expensive, $100 Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller for their unique combination of mobility limitations and gaming preferences, it is of reach for many players, the could benefit from it. Logitech’s new G-Adaptive-Gaming-Kit includes three small, three large and four light-touch keys, two variable Trigger, two mats, which they fasten them, and more, all for $100 (directly converted, about £78, AU$150). Not to pay So that you have a bunch of trial-and-error.

It is now available on the Logitech Website or through Microsoft’s online and brick-and-mortar locations and work with all platforms that supports XBAC: Xbox One or PC via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The timer of a connection via the USB ports on the side of the hub, while the rest of the connection through the jacks on the back.

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The veteran gaming accessories maker worked with a variety of partners to develop the kit, including Microsoft,  AbleGamers, skills Research Center at the Mount Sinai and special effect. It clever includes touches, such as two 8×10 hook-and-loop pads, a rigid and a hinged to wrap around narrow objects such as a chair arm. You can also connect with each other to create a large pad. This design allows you to position, arrange and rearrange the various controls, or easy to pack without having to remove it (the box offers space for storage, by the way). There are also places to attach, screws, standard and rewritable labels and Velcro cable ties for the organization.

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in addition to the inputs, the Set includes two pads you can attach, Velcro cable ties, and re-writable labels. Plus, everything comes in easy-open packaging.


Logitech uses its own mechanical switch for the keys, in this case, the low-profile ones travel found in the G915-wireless-keyboard with 1.5 mm actuation distance and 2.7 mm. The large buttons contain stabilizers, which prevent to register that you swing or not, if you hit them from the middle.

At the moment, there is no option, additional buttons, or Trigger a standalone, if you, say, decide that you want three big ones, but the Logitech support, you will be able to receive a replacement.

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