Like Huawei Lost, the hearts of the Chinese Public

Like Huawei Lost, the hearts of the Chinese Public

On the first anniversary Your arrest in Canada Meng WanzhouLi Hongyuan, was finally released from prison, without charges, and receive 15,000 $in the government compensation last Week. He told his story online last week, and that was when the hits began to Huawei’s reputation.

In China, however, Huawei was considered the crown jewel of the country’s tech industry, and has enjoyed it tremendously well. Many Chinese abandoned the pride, your iPhone for Huawei mobile phones. But the counter-reaction to the jailing of a long-term employee after a fight, has made it clear that the people in China are pissed at the company.  

“Huawei has the right and indeed the duty to report the facts, the suspicion of illegal behavior to the authorities. We respect the decisions of the authorities,” st said. “If Li Hongyuan thinks that he has a damage or that his rights have been violated, we support his right to seek satisfaction by legal means, up to and including a lawsuit against Huawei.”

Online commentators called the statement “arrogant” and “cold blooded.” “The elephant stepped on you, but you said step for step on you,” a popular home for Tencent’s article. “What is the answer of justice!”

Jiang Jingjing, a blogger, criticized Huawei for trampling on his rights of the workers with his harsh performance evaluation system and legal firepower. “As soon as a company becomes cold, dehumanized grinding machine, what is that supposed to be?” he wrote.

After Ms. Meng arrest, there was a wave of support for the Huawei. In the most recent quarter, Huawei smartphone sales in China, up 66 percent from a year earlier. The revenue for Apple and the majority of Huawei’s domestic rivals fell, according to market research firm Canalys.

and Now, a lot of people talk about the boycott of Huawei products. Pictures a couple of Huawei-branded handcuffs is circulating online as a new, smart fitness bracelet. One of the “bands” is the name of the “free meal and accommodation-version” in the prison life.

Tang Ting, public relations executive, wrote on his wechat social media timeline, the indignation of long-term damage to the Huawei brand might cause. Chinese companies think the consumer will react only on promotional gifts and discounts, he wrote, “but a very high percentage of the young generation care about values, too.”

In a sign that many middle-class experts are concerned that what is happening is that Mr Li you could happen, the online users are widely used to articles about prison life, especially in the Longgang detention center in Shenzhen, where Mr Li spent more than eight months. Huawei is in Shenzhen, Longgang district.

Some of the online user is a three-part blog post from a programmer who spent over a year in the refugee camp for work in gaming and gambling software. circulating Gambling is illegal in China. The blogger wrote, in detail, how it was contributed to life in a 355-square-meter cell with 55 people in the tropical weather, what you ate and did that every day.

Many Chinese are especially indignant about the degree of coverage and online reactions have been censored. You say you do not feel helpless, because they criticize the government. Now you feel like you are not in a position to criticize, a giant corporation.

One of the Weibo posts of woman Meng letter received 1400 comments. Many said just to 251, the number of days, Mr. Li was arrested. Less than 10 comments, sympathetic, are still visible to the public. to criticize

“A company that is too big, is even scarier, as a company, the too big to fail,” Nie Huihua, a Economics professor at the Renmin University in Beijing, said the news Website Jiemian on Tuesday.

Jiemian interview with Mr Li, which was released on Monday, has been deleted.

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