Leviton DW15P-1BW Decora Smart-WiFi-Plug-in-outlet – timetable mystery Solved

Leviton DW15P-1BW Decora Smart-WiFi-Plug-in-outlet – schedule puzzle is Solved

I solved my schedule problem. I thought others might find it. The short answer, in my case it was the Automatic shutdown disable time. The automatic shut-off time no longer overwrites the “planned” period.

I bought two Leviton DW15P-1BW wifi-outlets for sale at Home Depot. $20 dollars each. I wanted to replace a simple timer plug socket that I use for a “night light” lamp in one of our rooms. My plan was to use, on/off times relative to sunrise and sunset, instead of a fixed schedule, I needed to fit each couple of months. I got everything set up, to say in My Leviton app and also setup notifications using the IFTTT app for me when it was on and off. Mainly, however, it the switch off of the light, a possibility would be to work earlier than 1 hour after sunrise I had programmed. Since sunset was, I thought, the location data must have been correct, the local sunrise /sunset times. Since I was with the sending of notifications on my phone, I had an Aha moment and noticed the light was turned off, exactly 12 hours after the power is turned on. It was too much to chance. I searched and discovered in the device settings -> settings, I had the Automatic shutdown time set to the max of 12 hours. These overrides appear to be my 1 hour after sunrise the “off” event more than 12 hours after my scheduled 1 hour before sunset “on” event is scheduled. I suppose if you wanted to you period, still the auto-shutdown function, you just need to make sure it is more than any planned “on”. In my case, the max of 12 hours was not long.

Released on Sun, 08 Dec 2019 15:54:20 +0000

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