Komodo lead to blockchain revolution with quantum-safe cryptography

Komodo lead to blockchain revolution with quantum-safe cryptography

The emergence of quantum computing is a serious threat to cybersecurity, how to crack it can, the most advanced encryption algorithms, on the horizon.

So, sooner or later, of quantum computers, a developing technology, which has the advantages of quantum physics to specific problems to solve, the impossible can be solved, the traditional computers, can be a bigger Problem than most IT organizations will appreciate, as cybercriminals have the resources to your quantum computers.

Google has recently claimed a breakthrough in the field of quantum computing, pointing to a machine that has a problem is solved in 200 seconds, typically, a supercomputer would, over 10,000 years to find out.

When set to true, the message could be a large impact on the security and integrity of the cryptography behind the modern block chains./p>

blockchains Are in danger? The danger is overhyped is it? Could Bitcoin be realistic to be attacked?

IBM and some other companies have done the research on quantum computing for the last couple of years, and there are some solutions, but none has come up with a standardized and certified quantum-safe cryptographic solutions.

Kadan Stadelmann, CTO at Komodo, a multi-chain blockchain-architecture platform, said TechRadar the Middle East, that quantum computing poses a threat to the blockchain, and the crypto-money.

The world of the quantum Computer is much more “complex and complicated”.

Komodo offers various technologies for software developers and researches to build your own open and assembled blockchain platform.

over the years, the blockchain has quickly.

According to Grand View Research, the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach $57,641.3 m by 2025, registering an annual growth rate of 69.4% from 2019 to 2025.

> is Powered by IBM technology

Stadelmann said that Komodo is similar to Ethereum, but it is 100% independent, free and open-Source platform.

 “As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it’s all on the Basis of binary numbers. Binary digits can be a value of either 1 (on) or disabled (0). We are not talking about bits, but quantum computers qubits, or quantum bits, in both 1 and 0 States at the same time. This qubit can reach so many States at the same time, and you are also able to process technical calculations much faster than classical computers,” he said.

As a blockchain platform, Stadelmann said that Komodo is trying to solve the problem and has implemented quantum secure cryptographic solutions for the last couple of years to not be able to crack a cryptographic signature.

on IBM technology built in, known as Dilithium, in its blockchain-a platform, he said of the new digital signature algorithm is a key that will not be cracked by a quantum computer.

compare this with the traditional signature technologies, Stadelmann said that they are based on the public-key cryptographic systems such as RSA, etc.

For a classical Computer, he said, it will take billions of years to calculate, but in theory, it was never safe, and it is hackable or crack.

“Break existing digital signature schemes is possible, but it is still not easy,” he said.

IBM calls this as a Dilithium digital signature scheme. This new algorithm is a part of the crystals [the Cryptographic Suite for the Algebraic lattice theory] suite no classical or quantum algorithmic attacks.

IBM donated the whole quantum-safe-organizations, and also submitted to the National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce for research. IBM is one of the publicly available open-source algorithms available

This project is the research on cryptographic hash functions and digital signature schemes secure against quantum computers.

 “If NIST approved algorithm and, if it is going to be the approved algorithm for quantum-safe cryptography, then we will use it, but we don’t know at this point of time, if it’s proven 100% that it can’t be broken by quantum computers,” he said.

priority for safety

 “If there is any other solution, the quantum-safe, then Komodo is very flexible and will be able to the Integration of a new signature algorithm in any module. We are already being implemented, but we don’t have quantum computers yet. The invention will endanger all of the modern cryptography as we know it. Google has not yet published a quantum-safe cryptography yet. We are open,” Stadelmann said.

now he said that Komodo platform is the only one blockchain, the quantum-safe technology, and adds a consensus rule, which requires that every transaction be signed twice – once in accordance with the blockchain to process the original digital signature, and then a second time after the Dilithium new quantum-signature process.

“globally, we have around 30 production block chains is executed, on the island of Komodo platform. But Komodo also has other blockchains, which is not on the Komodo platform, but use Komodo exchange for security. We can give you each blockchain to an additional level of security Also, Ethereum-based platforms use Komodo technology,” he said.

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