iTunes Match, not a Mac, a mystery: Download.

iTunes Match, not a Mac, a puzzle: Download!!!

What if you subscribe to iTunes Match, and not with a Mac associated with your iCloud account and then cancel the Match subscription want? This is the core issue, a reader wrote after the recent Mac 911 column on the pros and cons of the cancellation of iTunes Match.

If you are only using iOS and iPadOS devices with your iCloud music library and iTunes Match, it is extremely unlikely that all your music was downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Many people have libraries at least in the dozens of gigabytes, and not everyone has so much free memory, even on a 256GB mobile device.

” iTunes Match keeps the melodies flowing on demand from the cloud storage and music in iOS and iPadOS automatically deletes music when storage needs require to know that it could be retrieved again from the iCloud. There is no easy way to force you download all of your cloud-stored music in iOS or iPadOS device, even if you have the space available. (You can download, lists, albums, and playback, but not the entire library at once.)

The best solution not is not to cancel iTunes Match, if it runs on a Mac (or a Windows system with iTunes). For $25 a year, you can keep it, the cloud-based music for an indefinite period of time. It’s a small price to pay for ubiquitous access. Without a Mac or iTunes on Windows, you can not titles manually sync music or sync automatically, playlists, and albums to your iPhone or iPad. They are essentially cut, as Apple allows you to manage music on a device.

If you are determined to quit iTunes Match, however, the most suitable (and free) alternative to Google Play Music. The service allows up to 50,000 songs with up to 300MB each of which is stored, at no cost. You can not buy additional service. You can then share with Google mobile apps songs again.

you call your music to upload it. Follow these steps:


  1. Beg, borrow, or otherwise get access to a Mac. I recommend an external hard drive with enough capacity, to your music library, but it is not a requirement.

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  3. Set up the Mac owners to set up a temporary macOS account for yourself.

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  5. Sign in and enter your iCloud account information. (If you have iCloud photos, be sure to uncheck the sync photos, so it doesn’t load a potentially huge collection and flood the broadband connection, while you try to download music in the following steps.)

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  7. If you select an external drive in iTunes (Mojave and the previous one) or music (Catalina), you iTunes/music – > settings > Advanced, and set the iTunes Media folder to a folder on the external drive.

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  9. Follow the steps in the previous column to download for all cloud-stored music.

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  11. When you are done, use Google Play Music Manager to download your music collection from the iTunes or music folder.

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  13. If this is done, exit iTunes or the music-and the Google software they throw the external hard drive (if you are using one), the macOS account, and delete the macOS account.

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  15. On your mobile devices, install Google Play music  and log in to your account.

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  17. After you are sure that everything works, use the method in the previous article to cancel iTunes Match.

The hard disk, to ensure you have an additional backup copy of your music, in the event that something goes wrong with Google storage. I would also have a hosted backup of the backup. Maybe the payment for cloud storage, you are already somewhere, such as with the Amazon Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox (on your 2 TB or higher level), or, Yes, even iCloud. You can download your balancery—with a borrowed Mac!

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This Mac 911 article, the answer to a question that was submitted from Macworld reader Cindy.

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