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Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the best inventions of technology? If the acceptance of the two operating systems comes nowhere to go, the most popular are certainly. According to figures published in the year 2012, the number of consumers embracing has surpassed the iOS and Android platforms, the to a different form of technology. People to take to the use of smart phones is ten times more than the number compared to those affected by the PC revolution in the 1980s, the internet boom of the 1990s and the social network usage for the last time. With the advent of smartphones and the emergence of the iOS and Android operating systems, the market for these platforms is one of the most profitable in the history of technology. According to the latest figures, there are over 640 million Android and iOS users in Western Europe and North America alone. Gone are the days when the use of mobile platforms was enjoyed only by the developed countries and the line of the great staff. iOS and Android adoption is an international phenomenon. In fact, these operating systems to be faster in the mobile markets of developing countries, in contrast to their colleagues in developed. Although the United States and China have taken the lead, the markets of the other European Nations such as great Britain, France, Germany and Spain are much behind as per the number of iOS and Android users. Small Asian Nations of Japan and South Korea, along with South America, Brazil as a surprise in terms of the number of iOS and Android platform users. Data has indicated that the number of users of Google, and Apple OS platforms increase by 30 million every year; China contributes to the maximum part of the growth rate with 100 million active mobile device participants annually. Mobile market researchers are of the opinion that China, soon we will overtake the USA to become the largest market for iOS and Android users in the near future.A look at the growth rates of Android and iOS usage worldwide, calculated that between the years 2011 and 2012, and we will see how the development of small countries (the famous-to-have, less resources) are the Top from the front and set a good example to see the benefits of both operating systems and the mobile apps run on them. Countries such as Chile, Argentina, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey and India recorded the highest switch over rates on mobile devices with the iOS and Android platforms. The best part of the increasing prevalence of technology in the form of the Apple and Google operating systems is that you will be accepted among a broad spectrum of users from 12 to 70 years. Both the iOS and Android operating systems to provide applications that meet the mobile needs and interests of the users of the young students, the working class and retired personnel. Although there are reports of mobile app markets are saturated, due to the large number of software tools every the second day started, the demand for new mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms to continue to rise, say mobile market researchers. With the growth of the adoption of these platforms is increasing at the international level, this is perhaps the best phase in the history of technology.

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