iOS 13.3: Apple released the first developer beta

iOS 13.3: Apple released the first developer beta

While iOS 13.2 delivered, the last of the features Apple promised when it first introduced iOS 13 back at WWDC, it’s not like the company is just going to sit back and relax until iOS 14 in the next year. We can expect that at least one or two more point releases with minor new features, and a couple of bugfix releases as well.

iOS 13.2 brings a handful of minor interface improvements, how to disable the ability memoji stickers proposals in the emoji keyboard. There is also the memory management can be a Problem reported by some users, where apps have to be aggressive from the memory and reloaded need to be deleted often.

How do I get the iOS-13.3 beta

For the normal user, go to on the iPhone or iPad on which you want to run the beta. You’ll have to sign up for the beta here and download a beta profile. Then go to the settings > General > profile and to find the beta profile and install it.

Once you’ve done that, you will be downloading the beta updates just like normal iOS updates by heading to settingsGeneral > Software Update.

developers who want to participate in the developer betas, you can use a similar approach, by you to to download the developer beta profile.

What’s new in iOS 13.3

Multitasking Bug Fix: Some users have reported that iOS 13.2 aggressive releases applications from the RAM, so you have to re-download your apps too often. Early reports indicate that iOS 13.3 addresses in this over-aggressive memory management.

communication limits: In the TV app, you can[ read more: Everything you need to know about the iOS 13 ]

Memoji/Animoji label: In the settings > General > keyboard, you can now display Animoji and Memoji sticker to disable the Emoji keyboard.

Apple Watch application: The Apple Watch app icon and the Digital crown is now grey instead of black.

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Released on Tue, 05 Nov 2019 20:56:00 +0000

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