iOS 13.2 addresses the confusion about deleting apps from your iPhone – CNET

iOS 13.2 addresses the confusion about deleting apps from your iPhone – CNET

administration of your apps is a simple process now. 

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When Apple released iOS 13 in September, the company changed the way you arrange your home screen icons and delete apps. Long press on the app icons no longer worked, the same way it had since the original iPhone to the market, which was downright confusing. 

With the release of iOS 13.2, Apple, the changes, to understand the it is easier to make, as you rearrange and remove app icons from the home screens. There may be a slight learning curve as you get used to the new method, but after you with him a couple of times, you should feel at home with the process. 

you will always be a Symbol with a long press on an app. You can expect the app icons to wiggle the all the start and move, but you will see a pop-up menu will present various options. Some of these options are on the relevant app, such as your E-mail for the Mail app, but it will also Delete two new options: “” App and Edit Home Screen

There are a couple of new options when you long press on an app icon. 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

tap on edit Home Screen, if you want to rearrange your home screen, create app folders, and so on. 

tap Delete App and then confirm their decision, whether you want to delete that particular app. You can delete some apps by clicking ” edit Home screen, solves the familiar jiggly icons with an X in the upper-left corner (tap the X to delete an app). 

A new App Delete option optimizes the remove apps from your iPhone or iPad. 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

If you are a traditionalist and would like to long-press on the app icon and wait until the icons begin to move, you can — you just have to wait until the apps start to wiggle, and then you can drag aroand or tap the X to delete it. 

Once you are ready to move your apps, or trimming the old apps from your phone, simply tap on Made. 

There is much more to learn about iOS 13 as the stop the unknown caller is ringing your phone, shortcuts for the connection to Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi networks, and a lot of hidden features

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