In the midst of the Corona-Virus-pandemic, Bill Gates, plan to open the U.S. economy: “It starts with the start of the test

In the midst of the Corona-Virus-pandemic, Bill Gates, plan to open the U.S. economy: “It starts with the test,’

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Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates launched a plan, as once again the US economy after the Corona-Virus-pandemic, calls for a massive increase in the Tests and the technological innovation.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post adapted from his blog, Gates said the need for more testing is important to the re-opening of the US economy.

“It starts with the test,” Gates wrote in the op-ed. “We can’t defeat an enemy if we know where it is. For the re-opening of the economy, we must in the exam are enough people that we can quickly identify emerging hotspots, and early intervention. We don’t want to wait to fill until the hospitals start, and more people die.”


A recently published study from Harvard University suggested that at least 5 million tests are necessary, to are at the beginning of June and as many as 20 million needed until the end of July “to fully remobilize the economy.” The authors said that it can detect a greater task “than most people.”

Gates, his fortune at Microsoft, added that innovation in healthcare is necessary to these figures, in particular, relying on the investments of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have made.

This was only the fourth for the human trial for a possible Corona Virus vaccine.

Only the fourth for the human trial for a possible Corona Virus vaccine.

“that require The current coronavirus tests that health care workers perform nasal swabs, which means you need to proceed to change your protective equipment before each attempt,” Gates. “But our Foundation has supported the research shows that patients, the swab itself produces results that are just as accurate. This self-swab approach is faster and more secure, because the controller should be able to approve scrub at home or in other locations rather than people, the risk of additional contact.”

Earlier this month, the Gates Foundation has $150 million on top of the previous $100 million in contributions to COVID-19, calling for “unprecedented international cooperation.”

Gates, who said recently the trump criticized-to stop government decision on funding for the World Health Organization, that it must also be “uniform standards” about who is able to be examined, referring in particular to “essential workers, people who are symptomatic and those who are in contact with someone who tested positive.”

He also called for innovation in the contact tracing, say, the US could follow Germany’s lead survey everyone who tested positive to a database, in order to ensure that the person follows up with your contacts. Gates recognized, there are problems with the approach, but it would be “an improvement”, such as contact-tracing

is currently in the United States, The 64-year-old Gates also mentioned with smartphones, to detect the mobile phones of other persons who have tested positive for an improved contact-tracing.


Apple and Google recently announced a historic partnership for the identification of contact persons, with Bluetooth and APIs to help the governments to fight around the world COVID-19.

A number of drug studies are currently in progress, including hydroxychloroquine, which is a subject of political controversy in the last few days. Gates said his Foundation is funding a clinical study of “the benefits” of the anti-Malaria drug “will be modest at best.”

There are other experimental studies are in progress to treat COVID-19 patients, including plasma transfers, antibody tests, and a host of others.

Gates said the potential vaccine, whether the re-use of an existing drug such as Gilead remdesivir, RNA-based vaccines, or any other, is the key. “Every additional month that it takes to be the production of a vaccine is a month in which the economy has not wrote completely back to normal,” Gates.

“world war II was closed in the decisive moment of the generation of my parents” goals. “Similar to the Corona-Virus-pandemic — the first in a century, this era will define. But there is a big difference between a world war and a pandemic: the whole of humanity can work together to find out more about the disease, learn and develop the ability to take the fight to them. With the right tools in hand, and intelligent implementation, we will someday be able to explain, put an end to the pandemic and focus our attention on how to prevent and contain the next.”


As of Friday morning, more than 2.1 million coronavirus cases were diagnosed with more than 671,000 of which are in the United States, the strongest country on the planet.


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