In Pokemon, the new Pokemon fun – CNET sword finally

In Pokemon sword and shield, the new Pokemon are finally fun again – CNET


Corviknight, a badass new flying Pokemon.


What do Game of Thrones, Captain Marvel, and Pokemon sword and shield have in common? 

Volatile fans. 

Earlier this year, angry Free Folk called for that last season thrones to be re-customized to your taste. Captain Marvel was bombarded with criticisms that were made on Rotten tomatoes after prickly viewers angered by comments Brie Larson. Finally, even months before the Nov. 15 release, a large minority of the player had a sword and a burning hatred for Pokemon and shield.

What had this Poketrainers on the verge of a stroke? Sword and shield are the first games in the series, the not every Pokemon. Traditionally, after the game, a Pokemon the final bosses — think the Elite-4 — to enter a National Pokedex, which would allow you to trade and all the Pokemon from the previous games. 

This is not the case in Pokemon sword and shield. These games limit you games to 400 Pokemon, less than half of the 890 species have been introduced to all eight generations of the Pokemon. That’s right. the Only 400.

After the victory against the Pokemon and shield, and always the Gelar region’s champion, I’m here to tell you a shocking news: the sword and the shield the best Pokemon games are sword in almost two decades, in part because it is “only” 400 Pokemon. For the first time since Pokemon Gold and silver, the new Pokemon the most fun, leading to a new Pokemon game. 

you Listen to me. 

If a Pokemon Red and Blue came out, that it is “only” 151 Pokemon. Catch ’em all was a hassle, but doable for the adventurous collector. Then Gold and silver, the best Pokemon games of all time, came. A resorbable lot of new creatures have been introduced, you could breed now Pokemon and you get de-evolved critters, such as Pichu, and the already existing favorites could inspire new forms of development. 

The Pokemon formula has been fleshed out in a way that was exciting, not overwhelming. But since then, Pokemon games with be overwhelming. From the year 2000 until the year 2018, made of Gold and silver on the Ultra, the sun and the moon, we went from 251 to 807.This is a fantastic news for avid Poketrainers who like to catch ’em all, no matter the cost. But it hinders the fun for other players.

There are two important trade-offs for the ever-growing list of Pokemon. Firstly, the prospect of the detection of each individual creature is a fork in the road. As a goal, it is quite frightening. Secondly, the Pokemon designs less temperament to be full. The more Pokemon there are, the more difficult it is design news the ones that stand out in a good way, and the easier it is to design those that stand out, in a bad path. 


knew alt=”A gym leader threw this bad boy on top of me and I, I had to have one.



Toxtricity, a dope electric lizard, is stoner vibes, is another strong addition. This is one of the forms of two Toxtricity. 


for example, the Last generations have dodgy seen new families of Pokemon, which has a range of swords with the eyes of ice-cream with the eyes, the buttons with the eyes. The advantage of the occasional valuable addition, and new directories from Pokemon competitive play is deeper. But rare new Pokemon are captivating enough to trade an old favorite. 

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised to see that the team I won the Champion’s Cup were almost sword all Pokemon new to and sign. Only a, Gengar, was from a previous game. 

This was not a planned “out with the old, in with the new” mission. This was just the old-fashioned way: An opposing trainer or gym leader throws a sweet looking Pokemon, and I think, “what is it? I would like that.” Or I meet a baby Pokemon in the wild and get a clue: The will&in some sick.nbsp;

The former was the case for Coalossal, a lumbering monster of rock and molten coal: The fire gym leader uses it against me, and I knew I had to have one. The latter is how I found Toxtricity, a super-chill, borderline-stoner-search electric lizard. I found his first form, Toxel, and knew that the little guy had something special in him.

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All of this is a level of intrigue and experiments don’t just happen, that I have been in previous games. 

Many of the hardcore fans were loud. heavily in venting their frustration with the bundled selection of Pokemon A #BringBackTheNationalDex social media campaign was launched, in which some participants expressed polite disappointment — and others sent to sword death threats, and shield developers. The game’s Metacritic score of 80, but thanks to angry fans, its user score is 46. 

If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan who enjoys spending hundreds and hundreds of hours, catch every Pokemon, or different Pokemon available for competitive play, I understand your frustration. It does suck for you, I would like to draw.

But what the average gamer makes get, if Nintendo adds in the best new Pokemon designs in over a decade, and most of the takes are useless? The refresh Pokemon has needed for years. 

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