I have several of these sockets – How can I use them ?

I have several of these stores – How do I get them ?

I’ve seen in my 2010-built house for about 7 years and I have some blank faceplates in my bedroom, work room, and the book leads to the terrace.

Since I was still at home, I opened it and it had these wires.


The blue seem to be low voltage speaker cable, the pink is similar to my other hard LAN CAT5E cable. I see no power cable though.

On the second Pic, I discovered that two of the speaker cable to my terrace, I have two speakers. I don’t know where the other two.

In my bedroom, it is a empty plate with similar wires, and two blank plates on the ceiling, which I assume is for the speakers again.

most of all, I’m curious to see how the power of the speaker is to be powered from a PoE-type device ? Also, I see that there are four sets of speaker cable but only two speaker locations in my bedroom, and a terrace, what are the other lines should be used ?

Any help is very welcome. Thank you.

Released on Mon, 04 may 2020 14:24:26 +0000

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