How to stop iPhone videos from turning into a blurred mess on Android phones (and Vice versa)

How to stop iPhone videos from turning into a blurred mess on Android phones (and Vice versa)

Sadly, our friends don’t all iPhones have. This means that some of our message chats peppered with green bubbles and send regular SMS instead of the Apple ultra-quick iMessage system. But it is not only the color and the speed, the power of iMessage is superior: it is also the clarity and downright watch ability is in dealing with video.

If you thought the latest Downton Abbey, the episode was difficult to see, you have obviously never been to a video from messages on your iPhone to a friend with an Android phone. If she responds with something like, “What is this?!”, it was probably not because of the content—it’s because you could barely see what was going on in the clip. By the time it reaches your device, the video is blurry, distorted mess. The carefully edited HD clip you took on your new iPhone was reduced to an unwatchable sludge once it reached the cell phone of a friend. And the same applies for the videos that you send.

iphone android blurry IDG

your Android friends will see a blurry mess, where should be a video.

The phenomenon may also have an impact on the group messages. As they say, once bad Apple can spoil the bunch, so if one of the recipients in your group on an Android phone, then the entire message is sent via SMS. Thus, all users will see a blurry, barely beautiful videos, even iPhone users with iMessages is enabled.

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What? While it might seem like it is the result of sabotage between the platforms, this is not the case. It has to do with the compression. Apple takes the iPhone to iPhone delivery, texted videos, so no matter the size, the videos are sent and received in their original quality. This is not the case, however, if it comes with the Apple system from the beginning to the end of your carrier in the way, and that is when to break things down.

Sent pictures are usually OK (great compressed, but still visible), the Video files are hit hard. SMS from Android to Android is it a smaller compression, but it is exacerbated to Android if you have the iPhone or from Android to iPhone, since Apple launched the system comes in the way. Also if you send a relatively short video clips (around 15MB 20MB), they are compressed at one end and remain so, resulting in a blurred video unwatchable.

How can you fix it? Convince you to get all of your friends and family to be an iPhone, obviously, so everything you send over iMessage. Because that is probably not realistic, here are some workarounds can be found.

you are Using a third-party-messaging-app

The reason why SMS Videos between iPhones and Apple’s messages app does not cause blurry photos, because Apple is the compression on both ends. The same applies if you get with another messaging service, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. If you send a video with one of these services, it will reach your recipients with its quality (as long as you are not in a file-size limitations). However, you need to convince your friends to sign, and use the same service that you are using.

E-Mail use instead of

If there is a messaging service that is tried and true, it is good, old-fashioned E-Mail. We all know how it works: start your client of choice, create a new message, select the video you want, and touch “send”. And you you can be sure that it comes in the same quality as it was sent.

iphone-android-blurry2 IDG

While some of the compression happens when you try to text, video (center) the level of the Android user experience (on the right) is off-the-charts bad. Fix send via E-Mail about a clioud service.

Send a Google-photos-link

It is always handy to have a copy of Google photos on your iPhone. It creates a library of every photo on your iPhone can be displayed anywhere, and you can also share your photos with anyone, no matter what phone you have Unless you have a lot of space on your Google Drive, and select save to have the “original” resolution, the quality will be downgraded a little, but nothing like what happens when you try to text on messages. 

Use to share Dropbox or Google Drive

After you create a video, not to leave them in the Apple photos to it. Open your photo in photos, tap the share button, a variety of options, including save to Dropbox, Google Drive or cloud-based storage service of choice. From there you will be able to send a link to the full-size file, in tow.

Tell them, turn off chat

Android has finally managed to come up with a RCS instead of SMS on Android, so if your friend with a newer phone with Google news, you should see a new option for the Chat that brings iMessage-like features, like input, display, and SMS over Wi-Fi. It will not turn your Galaxy with friends with ” bubbles blue on iPhones, it should help to increase the quality of the photos and videos that receive your of them. Photos and videos from within the messages app are always compressed, but far less than before. (Unfortunately, this has no effect on the iPhone videos to Android phones.)  you can activate the Option ” chat (if available) by tapping on settings in the overflow menu in the upper-right corner of the main conversation list.

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