How to prevent to manage Windows 10 updates that you from ruining your life

How to prevent to manage Windows 10 updates that prevent you from ruining your life

How I can that Windows 10 updates? If you want to prevent Windows 10 from kicking off a critical update during a presentation, or to postpone, Microsoft ‘ s Windows 10-feature-update because of the concern over the loss of the data, it is a question that we all have. You must not – block all the Windows 10 updates. But you can manage them.

Windows 10 feature and security updates do not provide a valuable service: you only have to patch Windows, the apps and components, but also offer new features and capabilities, the twice a year. Windows Update can also be connected to automatically for updated drivers for the hardware in your PC, like a printer connected via USB. 

It is not an academic Problem. Microsoft wrestled with the fallout from the Windows 10. October 2018-Update, which apparently deleted user data in an unknown number of cases, and was placed on ice, then on again. You want to buy a car, if it had even a 0.001% chance of exploding? Probably not—that is why it is good to know how to get Windows 10 updates, now and in the future.

Microsoft-Windows 10 windows update Mark Hachman / IDG

This is the main Windows Update screen to inform you when updates are pending. Click on the now button in Microsoft query, Update, to see if any updates are available.

Three tools to manage updates with Windows 10 Home

If you build a PC, you have two options from Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 can be the cheaper alternative, at $139. But at $200, Windows 10 Pro provides you with some advantages, also. (You can be able to take advantage of PCWorld special offer: a Windows 10 Pro license for $40.)

We previously identified updates five features that would make you want to switch from the Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, but in this case, we would add a sixth: the ability to fine manage Windows. On the other hand, such as Microsoft Windows, more control was given to has, Windows 10 home user, too.

Normally, the Windows 10 updates—both for regular security updates, as well as the semi-annual updates—your PC almost as soon as they are released—unless, of course, you have to say, the window. Don’t worry, though, as Windows Home and Professional users alike, some defense against an unexpected Windows 10 update: Active hours, Start reminders, Metered updates and the ability to stop and delay of updates.

Microsoft-Windows 10 windows update advanced options Mark Hachman / IDG

Windows-10-Home-users will see this page advanced options. Always make sure that the “We will show activates a memory”, and it’s not a bad idea to manage Windows updates for other Microsoft products, too.

Let’s talk to management first about your options, the regular patches and security updates from Microsoft are provided. To access it, navigate first to the Windows 10 settings menu, then click Home > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options. 

hours Active: can a Windows 10 Home user is the most powerful weapon against unexpected Windows 10 updates. (This setting is located in the Home > Update & Security > Windows Update > Change active hours.) here you can tell Windows, if you are active with your PC, and not to update if it should be Windows. The default setting is business hours: 8 am to 5 PM, but you can have a window for up to 18 hours later than the start. Active hours should not allow the update to be done in this period. Be careful, however, because the update could still kick off in, say, 4 o’clock, when the Active hours is disabled and you are not on your PC.

Microsoft-Windows 10 active hours Mark Hachman / IDG

Active hours, the other active means of defense are update against an unexpected Windows. Make sure this is enabled and configured, if you are on the PC.

Even if that happens, though, you will receive a reminder by Windows “start new” memories, the checkbox that lets you know that “We have a reminder that if we are going to start new.” Also if all else fails, check this box pop-up should be a notification that Windows is restarting at some point and install and update it, so that you have some time to save and finish your work. Personally, I got the Windows notification that an update was on its way: I was at the PC and work activated with Active hours. Windows do not update, during the Active hours, but I was able to remember to remind myself to save before I have everything left for the night. (Set a reminder, which could help over Cortana.)

It’s not perfect: When you returned to lunch, for example, can be disappeared the notification pop-up and then, at the time you have. But it is a reminder in your messages, it should at the very least, that an update is on the way. 

– Prevents Windows updates from the Download over metered connections, a sneaky way prevented from possibly an unwanted Windows update. Windows now detects that some users may have metered data connections, with strict limits on how much data you can download per month. Microsoft politely, you can avoid not download updates over a metered connection, so that you can pay an additional fee.

Microsoft-Windows 10 metered connection Mark Hachman / IDG

you can restrict a wireless connection to measured doses “” to, unwanted Windows updates. Your router name appears at the top.

Windows is not known whether a connection is measured, however. (And Yes, you can lie.) Name your broadband connection as a metered connection by in Settings – > network & Internet , then you Change the properties of the connection. here you can see a switch to Set as metered connection. You can then go back to the Windows Update-advanced options-settings and set Download updates over metered connections... From.

Unfortunately, the default behavior when your PC is connected ethernet is to think that your PC is on a un-metered connection. And if you connected with Wi-Fi, Windows updated is probably still the download priority, so this can really not as a foolproof solution. If you connections multiple Wi-Fi available, you need to all of them as a metered, to, is a pain.

Pause updates: ” In the Windows 10 home, you can also stop and delay the incremental updates. Microsoft has to Update a quick link to the Windows screen, so you can just tap “pause” on updates, if you have a short business trip.

Windows 10 Home also offers an option to defer  Updatefeature updates, like the big semi-annual Windows updates, the Windows 10 may 2020. It used to be that you defer a feature update within the Windows 10 home. In the year 2019, added Microsoft the option to move all updates, including updates for up to 35 days. To enable this, you need the Settings – > Windows Update, and then click the Advanced options button. Scroll to the bottom to “Pause ” updates”, and select your preferred date, up to 35 days. This is as far as they go, if.

A slightly more convenient option of the Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro allows you to delay updates

All of the settings and options available in Windows 10 Pro, but there are some additional options that actually allow you to decide when the updates can be installed. If you can use a Windows 10 PC at home, you can upgrade from Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro from within the Windows Store app, for$ 99, or you can use this Microsoft Store-link from a Windows 10 computer at home. Our Windows 10 Pro license for $40 may also apply.

windows 10 pro-management-options Mark Hachman / IDG

The additional options circled in red are provided with Windows 10 Pro, but they are not now visible to the average user.

Microsoft has some changes in the course of time, hiding some of the complexity of Per-user and merging the experience with the Home edition during the 2019 feature updates. (If you work for a business or Education edition of Windows, your experience may be different—your PC can be centrally managed by an IT Department or another administrator, of a specific policy for your PC.)

For example, Windows 10 Pro devices used to place options PCs either in the Semi-Annual-channel (Targeted), and a vanilla Semi-Annual channel. These options may be available, but only to your IT admin in a business environment. 

in Essence, Windows 10 Pro offers everything that Windows 10 Home features to manage incremental updates, plus additional control over the administration of Windows 10 feature updates. Well, the main reason for the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, at least where managing your updates is concerned, is the way to move from Windows updates for up to 365 days. But the mechanism to do so has changed now.

Windows 10 Pro move feature updates Mark Hachman / IDG
to move

Microsoft still allows Per-user updates for up to 365 days, but this is a legacy menu, also.

you can still break all the updates about Windows for 35 days, just like Windows 10 home But it used to be that you could Update the pause function updates for up to 365 days on Windows-10-settings ” in the Windows menu. Not anymore.

Yes, you can feature is still moving-updates for up to 365 days. But Windows Pro the user will now be reserved using the group policy menu, a control, in the rule for system admins. This change is new for Windows 10 may 2020 update (version 2004), as in this Windows support document. Although it is likely that for Windows Update for Business, Pro users will be affected.

Here is how Microsoft describes the change. “we have in the Past year, modified update installation policies for Windows 10 only target devices with a feature-update version, the just before the end of the service. As a result, many devices are only updating once a year. In order to make all the devices, most of this change of policy, and to avoid confusion, we have removed the boundaries of the Windows Update settings Advanced options page, starting with Windows 10, version 2004.”

Instead, if you want to continue the use of accruals, you have to use the group policy controls, the only Windows 10 Pro. The easiest way to access this, simply enter either gspedit.msc in the Windows search”, or edit group (edit Group policy in the same box. From there, you needcomputer configuration > Administrative templates > Windows components > Windows Update > Windows Update for the Business – > Select if you are receiving the preview builds, and Feature Updates. or Choose if you will receive the quality of Updates./em>

windows 10 pro local group policy editor Mark Hachman / IDG

Enable the deferment of the Windows 10 updates, more effort now than before.

The disadvantage of all of these, obviously, is that Windows 10 is a developing platform and Microsoft adds occasionally, subtracted, or the behavior of various functions. Others, like our earlier tip on how to prevent an upgrade from Windows but it restarts unexpectedly, able to work now, but be quiet disabled in the future. Fortunately, Microsoft seems to mend some of the more practical elements of managing Windows 10 Pro ‘ s and put them on the Windows 10 Pro.

Updated on 30. June 2020, the changes in Windows 10 may 2020 update (version 2004).

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