How to make your Mac as a shared backup target for Time Machine

As you can’t go back to your Mac as a shared backup target for Time Machine

During the Time Machine in macOS 10.15 Catalina still, up to a directly connected APFS-formatted hard drive only formatted with the older HFS+ file system you can back up over a network, the majority of volumes that can be shared, including from other Macs.

It is a semi-hidden feature in the Sharing settings, you can set:


  1. On the target Mac, open the Sharing settings”.

  2. the

  3. Click File Sharing Service, or you do not check the box, if it is not already selected.

  4. the

  5. Under the sharing folder, click on the+ to add a folder.

  6. the

  7. dialog box, Navigate to the shared folder in the Home folder. Select it and then click Add.

  8. the

  9. If you do not leave worried about other users on the network, the user, the options for the access rights, such as they are (all on read & Write). If you want to limit it, logged-in user, click on Every and reset the permissions No access. (You can also uncheck the other two options, and add individual users.)

  10. the

  11. Now, you control on the shared folder in the list of “shared folders”, and select the Advanced options.

mac911 time machine release expanded IDG

Use the Advanced options for the share as a Time Machine target.


  1. Check the “Share a Time Machine backup destination”, and optionally check the “Limit fuses number GB” to prevent the backups from overwhelming this machine.

  2. the

  3. Click OK.

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  5. On any other Mac on the network, open the Time Machine settings”.

  6. the

  7. Click Select a disc.

  8. the

  9. The shared volume volume under Available data and note that it “released on the ‘computer name'” with the same name in the shared system setting on the computer.

  10. the

  11. Select the volume and click Using data sources.

  12. the

  13. If you decided in step 5, you need an account to use the folder, you will be prompted to enter the user name and the password of the macOS account at this step, and the drive is mounted.

mac911 time machine shared preference IDG

Time Machine recognizes the shared folder as a destination.

Now the shared folder as a volume will appear as a selected volume. I have Tests, even if you have a limited amount of Time Machine storage, the Time Machine settings, still shows all of the available disk space on the destination volume.

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