How to delete auto-saved versions of the files in macOS

To delete the auto-saved file versions on macOS

In a number of the built-in Mac apps (including preview, Pages, and Keynote), macOS, the quiet function of the retaining older versions of the document, the change has been added. This versioning capability is not required, the Time Machine is, though it looks a lot like that function, and service. You don’t even have to activate it—it only works in apps that support it. You can on earlier versions on file – > Search Again > ” All versions.

These apps store a version every hour while you are working, or more frequently if significant changes are made. There are no hard-and-fast rule about how far back these versions are stored. They tend to be quite a bit of space, because Apple relies on storing only the differences between two files, the includes for most of the editing very little effort.

But some people who don’t want a lot of manipulation of files, especially images, to fill in order to get rid of older specimens, sometimes nearly-memory versions, you don’t need. It is a slightly convoluted way to delete the snapshots.


  1. the document in question is open, choose file – > Search Again > ” All versions.

  2. the

  3. in the Browser window that appears, scroll through the time to the first version that you want to delete, select it in the right side of the view.

  4. the

  5. Move the cursor up to the top of the screen for a moment, until the menus are revealed.

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  7. Select file – > remove > This Version and confirm the deletion.

mac911 delete old versions IDG

you can delete the old versions of which have been received for a file, while you are in the browser version.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each older version, you want to get rid of, and the steps 1 to 4 for each document you want to delete, the edited in the past.

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