How to connect Smartphone to Android-car-DVD –

mobile phones in the world, due to the advances in technology. Thus, more and more people like to relax, plug in their smartphones to the Android car DVD and start over.

Our smartphones carry a lot more information about ourselves than all other phones ever had. And a large part of this information is our music collection. Probably takes the largest part of the SD-card on our smartphone, and we would love to hear you anytime and anywhere. And a part of our day, where we want to be entertained by our Android 2-din Car Stereo when we are driving our cars, going from place to place.

If you want to connect your smartphone to your Android car DVD, so you can listen to music through the car speakers, you have a few options.

to do this, you must integrate your stereo Bluetooth. Newer models have sometimes also integrated as a smart radio that now this function. From here, the process is very simple. Just turn on the Bluetooth function in the car radio, and you are looking for it from your device. Did you pair the devices, and, in most stereo systems, the pairing PIN-code is in the manual. Once you have done this, your device will always connect to the radio, when you start it.

Many smartphone manufacturers offer BMW Navigation, which will enable you to connect your smartphone to the car audio system. Connect the audio cable to the stereo and via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Blackberry offers the Music Gateway device that does exactly that, but you can find other aftermarket devices, such as Groove shark radio-transmitter, it allows you to connect your Android device to your car stereo. Also, Belkin offers a large car AUX system for connecting your smartphone to your car audio system.

This is by far the easiest solution and the cheapest possible. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the car stereo through the AUX port with the help of a “male-to-male” for a 3.5″ jack plug. You plug one end to your smartphone and the other to the AUX port of your stereo. The USB cable, the process is similar, but the stereo system has integrated USB port. The procedure is the same as with the AUX cable.

Regardless of how much work you have to do to integrate your smartphone in your Android car DVD, the most important is that you consider how you can use it safely when you are driving. It is great to be able to use your phone conveniences during your commutearticle submission, but only for as long as you keep yourself (and others) out of the way of the damage.

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