Hotspot Shield 2020 rating: New owners, fantastic speeds a little more privacy

Hotspot Shield allows 2020 rating: New owners, fantastic speeds a little more privacy

P2P: Yes
location: United States
number of servers: 3,200+*
number of locations: 82
cost: $95.88 per year
VPN-Protokoll: Standard-TLS1.2 / DTLS1.2 tunnel with the OpenSSL library 1.1
data encryption: AES-GCM (128-and 256-bit), and ChaCha-poly1305 support
data-authentication: All supported cipher suites perform authenticated encryption with a – AEAD-model.
Handshake: Standard-TLS1.2/DTLS1.2

What is it that makes a difference, for almost two years. We last saw Hotspot Shield at the beginning of 2018, and now the end of 2019, there are some serious changes. Hotspot Shield is now owned by a new parent company called Pango, which provides a subscription security bundle, includes Hotspot Shield, 1Password, Identity Guard, and Robo-Shield for $13 per month. You can Shield is still a stand-alone Hotspot subscription, but.

Together with the chief of the Hotspot Shield privacy policy the desktop was missed optimized app had a major overhaul, and the entire product has more servers, more country options, and new prices.

note: This review is part of our best VPN roundup. Go there for details on competing products and how we tested this.

features and services

hssdashboard IDG

The new Hotspot Shield home screen.

If you start Hotspot Shield, it shows the now-familiar blue background, with a giant power button in the middle of the window. The app window is smaller, and the Standard screen contains two panels, the button below the power. One is for the choice of location, and the other shows the cumulative use of the data.

The big button that is used to be the only thing on the default home page. The Hotspot-Shield-add country list is a nice change of pace, so that you can choose, all of the 82 countries.

The Land count is quite a step up from the puny 25 that Hotspot Shield had last time; however, Pango says that some of his country-sites use virtual servers, where the physical server, not actually in the country that he pretends to be. Currently, the HSS uses physical servers in 22 countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the Ukraine.

Hotspot Shield is the total number of the server is now more than 3,200 away from 2,000 as the last time we saw it.

hsscountrylists IDG

Hotspot Shield country listings.

The new Hotspot Shield has a special page, the section your currently selected country, a quick-access”, and then a list of all countries.

On the left side of the app are a series of menu items in a very sleek left-hand rail. Click on the “hamburger” menu icon, the name of each menu to reveal the Element.

The menu has not changed too much. The primary options, the user will need on a regular basis, the default Home section, as well as the settings. The Help section is also a fast connection to the real-time chat support and trouble ticketing for premium users.

the settings section has a few new elements. There is now an internet kill switch, we didn’t see last time. This function stops all web traffic if the VPN connection falls, until you re-connect to the VPN. There is also a “web-domain bypass,” which allows it, you can visit some sites outside of the VPN connection. As with last time, I was able to work Hotspot Shield with Netflix (to me overseas Netflix catalogs), display, and Hotspot Shield says support for US, Netflix is now an official feature. This is good news for travelers or people who often Netflix watch on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Once you have set up the VPN up and running, the display is very similar to what we have seen before, only in a more compact format. The app displays a small information tile, which will show that your VPN location to the VPN IP address you use, and the amount of bandwidth you have used, up and down, plus the name of the local network you are currently on. These tiles have some beautiful new changes. The server information, the tiles, for example, shows your IP address, the load of the server (as a percentage) and the current latency. The data tile shows you how many data up and down, and now shows that in a chart. Finally, there is a new peak-to-speed-tile shows exactly that.

Hotspot Shield is a lot more expensive than it was. We saw you the last time, it was $72 per year, which was already high, but now it is pushing close to $100 per year, at $95.88. There is also a two-year plan at $167.76, and a month-to-month investment at $13. Hotspot Shield allows connection of up to five simultaneous connections per account.


hssactiveconnection IDG

A live connection with Hotspot-Shield.

just like last time around, Hotspot Shield is fast. In our tests, the VPN more than 72 percent of the base download speed, averaged out to test over three days. This is much faster than the 64 percent that we saw last time, but it was a day with an unusually high result may have skewed the results.

Regardless of Hotspot Shield still remain fast enough, our pick for the fastest VPN speeds, the services, such as Express VPN and Mullvad come up with other well-known VPN way.

As usual, remember that the speed tests can vary quite a lot, and your results may vary depending on your ISP speed, router, PC and other devices.

privacy, anonymity and trust

As with the former Hotspot Shield owner AnchorFree, Pango is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The CEO is Sujay Jaswa and COO Tony Huie. is

Hotspot Shield still requires an E-Mail address and password to login. That��s not�so bad, and pretty standard for VPNs. Payments standard, as previously, the a credit or debit card, or PayPal are also. There are no options for crypto currencies or cash.

hsssettings IDG

Hotspot Shield’s settings.

The privacy has improved, but it is still not as good as other services. Pango does not collect device information (although it is not, this is for other products), but she still collects the domains that you visit. Not the specific URLs, mind you, just the domains. AnchorFree says that this domain visits are never connected to your account and cannot be tied to you. “We don’t know which user We are doing on what domain…to monitor this, to support and optimize our VPN services”, the Pango-VPN-privacy-Directive.

in addition to the domains, Hotspot Shield also (a hash based on your device and used to measure the bandwidth, support, analysis, and so on. Pango says it used a hash because it does not “require the user to register an account, our products and need a way to distinguish between different users and the implementation of the above activities.” Your IP address will also be kept (in encrypted state) during the VPN session and then deleted. Finally, the company has also stores the duration of your sessions, and bandwidth consumption. Pango says it’s limited to doing this “for the monitoring, support and optimization of our VPN services, as well as the enforcement of free app usage.”


Pango-privacy policy is probably in order, if you are only interested in the security of your connection, for times when you are on public Wi-Fi connection. If, however, the primary concern is the privacy or gaining so much anonymity, how you can services realistically get online, there are also other VPN, report far less data.

It is hard to argue that the speed of the results, however. If your only concern is always the fastest VPN is possible, then you should test Hotspot Shield for themselves.

*Hotspot Shield creates a virtual server locations, where the physical server behaves as if it is in a country, but is actually in another.

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