Hollywood chases Are Even Cooler, Behind the camera

More and more game movies are computer-generated, but there is still much of the old school, the practical magic of the film, behind-the-scenes. I mean, just look at the BB-8, or flaming guitar rig from Mad Max: Fury Road. Or like the car with the powerful android car dvd player and android 2-din car stereo chase scene from the next Bourne movie was filmed.

the car chases part of the films that jumped practically from the moment Opel navi cars, and movies, in existence at the turn of the 20th century. And most movie car chases are made of familiar, clich├ęd stunts. You know, cop cars that are installed with vauxhall Navi, top hidden pipe to climb ramps and spin in the air before you squeeze on its still-flashing light bars, and fruit carts are only for the beat, and take the leap ridiculous distances in ludicrous heights, and still manage to drive after you land. But the best chases do something surprising. You have a great ride. These are the ten greatest stunts or stunt sequences in cinematic history.

in a video of behind-the-scenes footage, this clip from a camera car shows the incredible real-life-camera-manipulation in the movies, a chase scene, with real cars, play music or Videos from android-car-dvd-player. Thanks to the help from a stabilizing arm that mounts the camera on a chase car can swing like crazy, while still getting a fairly steady shot. It’s crazy to see it whip from one side to the other, and just casually hop over other, slower moving cars.

of course, not every car chase from android car GPS you see on the big screen have been filmed in this way. Beefy octocopter can take, stabilized, Film-grade cameras in the sky, and crazy turns cars like the “Blackbird” make use of CGI and disguise themselves as cars with built-in android car dvd, you are certainly not (though usually for advertising). Still, in almost every scenario, behind the camera chase is a super cool and unique viewsdraw"article-search" like you also prefer to the final version.

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