HeyBryan Announces that it will Enter the Booming Smart-Home-Automation-market – Yahoo Finance

HeyBryan Announces that it will Give you Mt the Booming Smart-Home-Automation-market – Yahoo Finance

Smart home technology makes it possible to control and monitor, connected home technology with apps, smartphones and other networked devices. Some of the most popular smart-home technologies are Sonos, Nest, Smart Home, Ring video doorbell, Ecobee thermostat and August Smart Lock. And an increasing number of home devices capable of integration with the Google homepage, Echo and Alexa are.

The smart-home industry is estimated to reach $53.45 billion by the year 2022. Today, 27% of Canadians who own smart-home-tech, but it is estimated that more than 76% more smart home technology plan the purchase in the next 12 months.

HeyBryan include the recruitment of experts for the smart home category is currently. Services the installation and repair of a range of include smart home devices, including:

  • front doors
  • Lock
  • lighting
  • thermostats
  • smoke detector
  • Security cameras
  • plugs and switches

HeyBryan is free to download and is available on both Apple and Android devices.

HeyBryan media (CSE: MIS) is a peer-to-peer marketplace app offers a user-friendly and seamless way for customers to connect with trusted and experts are examined for the everyday home maintenance needs. Founded in the year 2018, the app is named after the Canadian HGTV personality and one of the country’s most trusted Contracting partner, Bryan worthy Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.

payment processing is done by the HeyBryan app, eliminating the need for each person, money exchange. Each expert is checked in a background, and credit cards are checked to ensure a safe and secure experience for the consumer. Typical tasks posted include lawn handyman services, Assembly or installation, furniture Assembly, plumbing, painting, cleaning, and yard maintenance, and more. HeyBryan offers space for a calendar, by the independent workers and consumers communicate with each other and work together. It is a matter of real experts to do the real work for real people.

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Released on Tue, 17 Mar 2020 06:11:15 +0000

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