Hello, Moto. The foldable Razr’s secret keyboard is a blast from the past – CNET

Hello, Moto. The foldable Razr’s secret keyboard is a blast from the past – CNET


let’s not be fooled-this is the new Motorola Razr foldable phone with a 6.2-inch screen.

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the new Motorola $1,500 foldable Razr phone she winks. With the right combination of buttons and inputs, you can make the new-fangled device for 2019 look, sound and act like the Razr flip phone from 2004. Or at least the phone dialer. We went hands-on with the fun-screen throwback to Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago, before the company launched its new foldable mobile phone on Wednesday evening-here’s how it works.

An Easter egg buried in one of the upcoming Razr is a skin, the power of the 6.2-inch plastic-OLED display that looks like a dialer from your the old days when flip phones roamed the earth. The secret is in the Quick Settings menu on the top of the phone. If you go to edit, you will find an option called Retro Razr. Drag it to the Quick Settings menu and save it, can access it.

Once the dialer is active, press a soft key and the Razr-beep-boop-sounds from the well-known melody (“Hello Moto”). Kiss on the buttons to select a number, and moaning about yourself, as you stab the upper part, the normally touch-sensitive screen without it responding again. That’s right, you have to use the on-screen navigation buttons, in order to get everything done.

Motorola retro dialer screen is a great little shot of nostalgia for all, with a flip-phone, even if it’s not the original Razr. Think of it as a lesson of history for the children. The getting in and out of the skin that is not so easy, and it’s not really something you would want to use every day, but that’s the point, Easter eggs, and it is nice to see Motorola put a little bit of fun at themselves-and us.

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