Google’s newest messaging service is basically DMs for photos

Google’s newest messaging service is basically DMs for the photos

OK, I know what you’re thinking—the last thing we need is a messaging service from Google. But you could actually be good.

Rather than a whole new app, Google is building its new messaging service directly in the photos app. It’s basically Google photos, – DM, as it only works if the person you are sending the image to be installed on the Google photos app, such as Twitter or Instagram’s DM. Then, when you get a message about the photos, you will start a conversation of just how do you send a MMS on Android messages.

If the receiver does not work on messages, sharing as before, and the creation of a dedicated album and then release it via a Google photos link. But the new service definitely seems to be designed to keep people inside the app, despite Google’s assertion that “this function is not as a replacement for the chat apps you already use.” As described, the user “such as photos or a comment in the conversation, and you can very

google photos dm Google

If you have a picture in Google photos, you will now see be able to have a conversation with the recipient.

It is unclear how you saved your DM list, or even if you will be able to, but it is based on the screenshots and the description of the messages, as calls are in progress. It makes you very feel naturally, especially if Google offers the users a possibility to jump in the old messages.

color starts us skeptical of each new messaging service Google, but we’re pretty excited about this. Not only that, it works across all platforms and come pre-installed on every Android phone, but it is a serious parts of the streamline of photos in Google photos. It was bad, but it wasn’t great, and this looks to be an excellent compromise.

Google says the new service will roll<-out in the next few weeks on Android phones, iPhones and the Internet./p>

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Released on Tue, 03 Dec 2019 19:30:00 +0000

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