Google’s Chrome OS 78 is Chromebooks virtual desktops, click-to-call, and more support will include

Google’s Chrome OS 78 is Chromebooks virtual desktops, click-to-call, and more support will include

Google is quiet Chromebooks a much better value this week by the addition of virtual desktops and click-to-call-functions for the Chrome OS, and extend the support life of the existing Chromebooks in more than one year./p>

Google announced on Tuesday that it started the Chrome OS 78 to Chromebooks push The updated OS includes three new key features: virtual desktops, Virtual desktops, click-to-call connections with Android phones and simpler to connect to printers.

Virtual desktops are already available in Windows, of course, as part of the Task view, which can be accessed via the Windows taskbar. In Chrome OS, the way to access to Virtual desktops+search&nbsp is through a button in the upper-right corner, or by the use of the  Shift ;+ = link. You move from Desk to Desk, by clicking the search + ] link.

Chrome OS has also a further step in the direction of how Android or Chrome OS with a new click-to-call function. With Chrome OS 78 you the right mouse button on a number, and it will be sent automatically to call on your Android phone. You must be logged in on both devices, and I have turned on sync in your Chrome browser. (Chances are you already do.) Also, Google has promised a simplified printing methods, where compatible, the printer will just show up in your list of printers.

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Google simplifies the printer list on Chrome OS 78.

Google also unexpectedly added to the period of time that the Chromebooks are supported. In General, Google support Chromebooks for five years, promised since the first introduction, any length of time. Well, the Android Police discovered that Google has quietly begun, extensions, add 6 to 12 months to each model. Google publicly published that information, all you have to do the list of manufacturers is scroll down and find your model number.

If you don’t need to run Windows programs locally on a Chromebook, you are a cheap, effective way to connect to the web. This week, she is now even better. 

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