Google says it fired four employees, the rules for the breaking of data security – CNET

Google says that there are four employees, the rules for the breaking of data security-CNET


Google workers held a rally in San Francisco last week. 

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Google four employees for breaking the rules in relation to data security, according to an employee memo Bloomberg in a report published Monday.

The resignations come days after about 200 Google employees and other supporters of rally outside of the Google San Francisco offices. The activists at the rally on Friday claimed that Google management is retaliation against employees for voting against the search giant.

The protest was triggered by administrative measures Google against two members of staff, Laurence Berland, and Rebecca rivers. The two were on indefinite leave earlier this month, while the company investigated alleged violations of the Directive, including access to documents and calendar data, Google says, was outside the scope of their jobs. Activists in the case of Google, though, said the move is the penalty for the organization of a company.

“I was just informed that the not be stopped from @Google, I am,” Rivers tweeted on Monday.

the staff will organize at Google, said Berland was also fired one of the people on Monday. Berland did not immediately return a request for comment.

Three members of Google’s security and investigations team cited the “clear and re-violations” of the company’s data security, repeated directives, according to the note on the staff. 

“That’s not how Google works, the open culture, or ever was intended to work,” Chris Rackow, Royal Hansen, and Heather Adkins investigative team wrote in the note. “We expect that every member of our community, by our privacy policy.”

A Google spokeswoman would not disclose the names of the employees were fired, but confirmed the authenticity of the note in the Bloomberg report.

layoffs are sure to exacerbate tensions between Google management and rank-and-file employees, who have protested the decisions of the company to social issues. The search giant has an extra one outside of the company with a history of anti-union to the efforts of Google is occupied with the uprisings of workers The company said earlier this month, the balance would again its TGIF town hall meetings, a long-standing tradition of the company. Google Executive Sundar Pichai said the meetings monthly instead of weekly or every two weeks, because of a “coordinated effort” leak comments at the internal meetings. 

activists inside the search giant have protested, there are several decisions of the management level, including the Signing of an artificial intelligence contract with the Pentagon, Google’s work in China and the management handling of sexual assault accusations.

In a blog post Monday, staff organizer at Google, accused management of “union busting.”

“Instead of respecting the user’s trust, Google wrote the selection to hide unethical behavior, to double instead of correcting it, that hostile behavior in the workplace, to fix, instead of it,” she said. Google did not immediately respond to follow-up questions about the claims. 

First published November 25 at 3:07 PM PT.
Update 6:24 PM PT : Added statements from Google employees, organizers.

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