Google-Nest-Home-Hub-Problem, Vol 2: The Plot Thickens (x-post r/Google home)

Google-Nest-Home-Hub-Problem, Vol 2: The Plot Thickens (x-post r/Google home)

The Problem:

, I thirst posted here some time ago about a Problem with my Google-Nest-Hub-Max, and after a few months the route to the solution of problems with Google, and some of the to help you values try to admire from Reddit, the problem has somehow become even worse, weirder and more interesting way.

I started developing a strange Problem with my GNHM as a few months ago I would Wake up in the morning and it would be freaking the f***. This means that all the menus would fly to, open the images in the background etc.

Cool, the Nest home shifting is sought.

Then was it worse. When the menus were open, buttons would get activated. A lights on and off all over the house, which would be a change in temperature, the messages would start blaring in the middle of the night. I have a video (link below), which is a threat to the Nest to unlock the door, as it speaks for itself. There were hardware issues, also. Finally, the camera just stopped working on the device. My wife, who was always skeptical of home automation, and looked at me as a defender rested her case.

So finally after a wait of several weeks for a kind of extended team to get back to me, I decide that the otherwise great Google Support team needs a little encouragement. I call and explain to lend even more strongly that the spirit Wake up, my wife and I every night, when the lights flicker, which is under our bedroom door. It was agreed to send me a new unit under the pretext that I had to get a rivet.

But then the new one came, and now it is doing the same thing.

I have no statistics background, but I’m going to go ahead and assume it is unlikely that I still have two duds in a row. This leads me to the conclusion that this is somehow the environment? And that, my friends, is the reason why I humbly ask for your advice in consideration, what could I do, if necessary, to haunt my own house.

I have some interesting experiments I conducted. For a man, the track somehow, in the administration, itself, I think it was wise to show you a different Nest camera on my GNHM, in order to collect data during the night. Every morning I check the feed to see what new madness I can learn something. For instance, who knew that this problem occurs only when Google sends a kind of signal [from the update? mind control?] Reboot my device every night between 2:30 and 4 o’clock in the morning, but usually around 3:30?

I have not yet cracked the case, though, and I could really use a Watson to my Holmes.

Here is what I have excluded:

  • The problem happens when I restart the unit, only when Google sends out their early morning signal (although my first GNHM finally, bad enough, it to bug-out every time you reboot)

  • It does not prevent, to disturb by activating the “do Not Disturb”-whatever signal was not affected Google send

  • It was due to the deactivation of Google usage data and crash reports

  • It is not affected by a WiFi grid system (mesh force), as I disabled it, a night and it still did it

  • It was not affected by 2.4 ghz versus 5 GHz

  • It was not affected by connecting it to an extension cable versus is plugged in an electrical outlet

  • It was not affected by removal of off-brand Chinese products in the wifi network

  • It still happens if I remove two of the large metal candle stand immediately on both sides

  • It didn’t happen when I disabled the ambient-light setting

things to be excluded, & other notes:

  • It is a near vent blows warm air, the passports are behind him along the wall

  • There is a fireplace, complicates a direct path to the router, although this is why I have a wifi-mesh system, the three-storey town house

  • My Home Hub was still not doing the thing where it beeps to acknowledge commands during the night, instead choosing to scream loudly that it is the light switched off, instead of (has it not been updated?)

  • The other products in my network, all Kasa mini smart almost-plugs, with the exception of the other Nest devices, and a Nest-Yale lock

  • Although it is plugged into the wall, it is an extension cable with the other devices in the other open socket

  • My Nest Hub settings to recognize my face & make several adjustments to the brightness, but I’m going to disable Face Match tonight


Released on Fri, 05 Dec 2019 23:03:11 +0000

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