Google makes converting from VMs to containers is easier with the GA of the Migration to Anthos

Google makes converting from VMs to containers is easier with the GA of the Migration to Anthos

In his Cloud-Next event in London, Google announced today a series of product updates pertaining to your managed Anthos platform, as well as Apigee and Cloud Code tools to create modern applications the can be provided to Google Cloud or any Kubernetes-cluster.

Anthos is one of the most important recent market launches for Google, as the company expands its reach outside of the Google Cloud and in customer data centers and, increasingly, also for edge deployments. At today’s event, the company announced that Anthos Migration out of beta and into General availability. The General idea behind Migrate, is that it allows companies to your existing VM-based workloads, and convert them into containers. These machines could come from on-prem environments, AWS, Azure, or Google Compute Engine, and — once implemented — can

“This really helps the customer think about a leapfrog strategy, where you can, maintain the existing VMs, but benefit from the operational model of Kubernetes,” Google Engineering Director Jennifer Lin told me. “So, even if you might not all get the benefits of a cloud native container Tag, what is the consistency in the operational paradigm.”

As for Anthos myself, Lin tells me that Google, a good swing. The company is based on a number of customers at today’s event, including Germany’s Kaeser Kompressoren and Turkey, Denizbank is.

Lin pointed out that a lot of financial institutions that are interested in Anthos. “A lot of need to do data-driven applications, this is where Kubernetes has really hit that sweet spot, because now you have a number of distributed data sets, and you will need a web or mobile front-end to [them],” she said. “You can do it not as a monolithic app, you really need to tap into a number of data sets that you need to, real-time analytics, and then use a web or mobile front-end. This is really a sweet spot for us.”

Also new today, the General availability of Cloud Code, Google is a set of extensions for IDEs such as Visual Studio and IntelliJ, which helps the developers to create, deploy, and debug your cloud-native apps faster. The idea here, of course, is to remove the friction of the construction of Container and the provision for the Kubernetes.

In addition, Apigee hybrid is now also generally available. This tool makes it easier for the developer and operator for the management of their APIs in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, is a challenge that more and more often, for companies. This will make it easier to implement Apigee is API runtimes in hybrid environments, and still get the benefits of the Apigees monitoring and analytics tools in the cloud to come. Apigee-hybrid, which can also be used to Anthos.

Released on Wed, 20 Nov 2019 09:00:10 +0000

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