GitHub launches a mobile app, smarter notifications, and an improved code search

GitHub launches a mobile app, smarter notifications, and an improved code search

At the annual universe conference today, Microsoft possession GitHub announced a series of new products, as well as the General availability of a series of tools, the developers have been able in order to test for the last couple of months. The two announcements, the developers are probably most interested in are the introduction of GitHub, the first native mobile app, and improved notifications experience. But in addition, it is also under GitHub measures, the company’s workflow automation and CI/CD solution, as well as GitHub packages, out-of-beta. GitHub is also looking to the improvement of the code, add scheduled reminders and the initiation of a pre-release program that will allow users to test new features before they are ready for a wider rollout.

GitHub is also the extension of its sponsorship program, which, until now, you were able to tip individual open-source contributors for their work, to the project level. With GitHub, sponsors, everyone can help, a project, and the members, to decide the project then how will you use the money. These projects must be open source, and have attached to a company or non-profit Organisation (and an account).

“are the developers, what drives us, and we assemble the tools and the experience to help you come to the world’s most important technologies and do it on an open platform and ecosystem” GitHub SVP of Product Shanku Niyogi told me. Today’s announcements,” he said, driven to improve by the mission of the company, is the developer experience. In the course of the last year, the company launched, as well as over 150 new features and improvements, Niyogi stressed. To show for his universe, the company decided, select the new mobile app, notification extensions, though.

The new mobile app is now in beta for iOS, Android support soon, offers all the basic features of a mobile app such as this. The team decided to focus directly on the nature of the mobile use cases that would make the most sense for a developer on the go, so that you will be able to share, to supplying feedback, discussion, criticism, a few lines of code and the changes together, but this is not meant to be a tool that replicates the full GitHub experience, but at least on the iPad, you get a bit more screen real estate to work with.

“When you start, look at the tablet experience, that then extends, because you Niyogi said now more space”,. “You can can the code to navigate you to some that we consider the support of some of the most important keyboard commands not be able to, a greater amount of content and a larger amount of code. So, the idea is the experience that scales with the mobile devices that you have, and but it also is not designed for the things you need to do probably, if you use your computer.”

Other mobile apps for GitHub have built, of course, and it turns out that the developers of GitHawk, which was started by a group of engineers from Instagram, to help the recently joined GitHub, the company in its efforts to this new app from the ground up.

The second big new feature is the improved notifications experience. Like any GitHub-and-white users on even a medium-sized team, GitHub the current messages can quickly become overwhelming. This is something that the GitHub team was also very well aware of, so the company decides the construction of a greatly improved system, which includes filters, as well as an inbox for all your notifications directly in GitHub.

“The experience for developers, today can be said to result in an Inbox in Gmail or whatever E-Mail client, you need to know with tons and tons of messages-and it can end up being quite difficult to what is important and what is just noise,” Kelly Stirman, GitHub’ VP of Strategy and Product Management. “We have done a few things over the last year, notifications have been better, but what we have done is a big step. We have a character from a novel, which should be notifications.”

With filters and rules allow developers to zero in on the messages that are important to you, all without flooding your Inbox with unnecessary noise Developers can customize these filters to your heart’s content. This is also where the new mobile experience that fits well. “A lot of times, the notification will be sent to you, if you are not on your computer, if you are not at your desktop,” said Stirman. “And, the notification might be someone to ask for your help to unlock something. And so it is, of course, we think that we need to expand the GitHub-experience from the desktop to a mobile experience.”

Talk about notifications: GitHub today announced a new feature in a limited preview adds a few more notifications in your Inbox. You can now set up scheduled reminders for pending code reviews.

Among the rest of today’s announcements, which is an improved code search, because this is definitely an area where some improvements were necessary. This new code search is currently in closed beta, but the roll-out for all users in the next few months should. It will introduce a completely new search experience, the company says, that can match special characters, and housing, among others.

new code-review tasks, which is now in public beta, and a new way to navigate code on GitHub.

Released on Thu, 13 Nov 2019 18:00:01 +0000

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