GetYourGuide is expanding broaden his horizons, his original short tours to day tours and more

GetYourGuide is expanding broaden his horizons, his original short tours to day tours and more

GetYourGuide has the company made a name for itself as a startup that helped, the outdated idea of guided tours for the traveler on the head. The development of a generation of consumers who think that travel is built not just anywhere, but with an “experience” (and, in the ideal case, the recording for the Insta-offspring), it has a marketplace, connecting you to help with people who guarantee that this is what you get. It is a concept that has helped to sell more than 25 million tickets, beating a $1 billion valuation, and increase the hundreds of millions of dollars in VC funding.

And the startup has now pretty much since the handing over of the 25-million mark in may. “We have 40 million passengers in the last 12 months. We are the market leader in all European geography. We are #2 in the United States and to #1,” co-founder and CEO Johannes Reck said at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin.

expand Now GetYourGuide is the next step in your strategy and your touch-points with users, and to grow and diversify its business activity in the process. The company expanded its original business — its own in-house tour operation — in one-day tours and other long rides, with the goal of hitting 1 million sales of Originals this year. It will kick-off the effort with a small number, between five and 10 — a-day tours in various exotic locations. Examples are “dune bashing in Dubai,” the glacier-excursions from Reykjavik and traveling to Bali, “the most instagrammable hidden spots.”

GetYourGuide originals of which were working well. “We had tremendous success, we have an average score of 4.8 [5] compared to 4.4 for the other marketplace activities,” said Reck. The originals have a 40% higher repeat purchase rate than other activities.

“And we are now excursions extending to days. For those who are not experiencing familiar with the trip, day-trip, the largest vertical inner experiences,” said Reck.

was original launched, a year and a half ago as a way for GetYourGuide, a private tour and it started at first with shorter trips, and — as a complement to the marketplace, where it offers the traveller a way, and the purchase of places on tours organised by third parties. Today, it offers 23 different original in 17 cities, such as Paris, London, in Berlin and Rome./p>

Up to now, GYG, around 200,000 has sold in the Original tours — this is actually a tiny proportion of companies considering that the number of guides has bookings passed over the platform 25 million.

The startup likes to describe his own Original “as Netflix originals, but in the real world!” And this analogy is true, in a couple of ways. Not only does it give GYG more curatorial control over what is actually a part of the tour, where you are running, the guides, and more; but there are the companies that potentially a larger margin, when it comes to making money from the effort, and means that there are no negotiations with third parties on revenue, share, and other business details.

This is, of course, not in the light of the challenges of scaling this way.

Add in more original and expand, the Transport to the destination (and may remain overnight at a certain point) mean that the costs and organizational costs and risks, to more operating segments: ensure that the vehicles are safe, and work, the hotels have clean sheets (and the room), and much more. More things that can go wrong, and the customers have lots of reasons to (or praise). It is one of those moments to reconsider if the startup, what it’s core competence, and if you can deliver that.

On the other hand, if it works, GYG be. diversify your business while the search for new sources of revenue But the strategy to grow the originals, the logical next step for other reasons, also.

The most important thing of this contest is likely to be: GYG, the pioneer of the hipster-travel experiences, but today, it is by no means the only company focusing on this segment. Companies such as Airbnb and the TripAdvisor to have stitched on tours and “experiences” as a Supplement to your own offered, the possibilities for expansion of their own consumer touchpoints outside, or to say at the time of booking a place or finding a cool place that is very popular with the locals, or figure out what sights to see.

get to find your instructions, opportunities to existing and new users of the return in its own platform, rather than simply in the turning-point in its tour packages during the organization of other aspects of your holiday.

The other is that how to Get your Guide to break more ground, is changing the conversation around travel, build up your own content to meet instead of relying on others, their vision is always important, and paves the way for how the company’s approach of adding more and more components in the chain between your home and your destination.

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