Galaxy S11 and the next fold is probably the new UI-2 interface – CNET

Galaxy S11 and the next fold is probably the new UI-2 interface – CNET

Samsung UI 2 brings improvements and more ease of use in the last year is A UI interface.


In the last year, Samsung fold phones like the Galaxy and S10 underwent as great a transformation on the software side as the hardware. This is because Samsung redesigned its mobile interface, which is layered on top of Google’s Android OS to operate so that it is easier and more intuitive. In October, Samsung, the next version of its software that is displayed, is known as A UI-2. The update brings better accessibility, moving icons, dark mode for the lock and home screen, and smaller message windows to Samsung Galaxy phones, wearables, tablets and flip phones.

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A UI-2 aims to minimize interruptions and help you stay focused on what you’re doing. For example, if you are playing a fullscreen video or a game and receive a call, the notification window is physically smaller than it was on A user interface. Instead of the name of the caller, the telephone number of the contact photo and the words “accept” and “reject”, now it must be

one-ui-section03-pc 1

minimize distractions visually, UI-2 shrinks-down notifications from the windows dramatically to only the Essentials.


A user interface the screen is divided into an upper area for the content, and a lower portion for interaction with apps. The idea was to move to larger-screen phones easier. If it was in the news app, for example, the upper third of the screen empty, apart from the name of the app. In A UI-2, the “viewing area” adds more information for the apps you use. For example, in the news, there is a smaller line below the name of the app that shows how many unread messages you have.

screenshot-2019-11-18-in the case of-2-52-40-pm

In UI-2, app folder open, the bottom of the screen, so that it can act easier for you to with them with one Hand.


Samsung also improved navigation with the fingers, and the height, to have you grip the phone. Previously, if you open an application, the folder on the UI-folder centers itself on the screen. It can be difficult to reach to the upper part of the folder with the thumb. In A UI-2, the folder opens in the lower half of the phone make it easier to navigate with one Hand. Also, Android system window pop-ups now appear at the bottom of the screen instead of the middle.

the colors of The app icons on A UI-2 are more and more saturated and alive. App icons will also get a feature called “vivid moving symbols.” For example, if you download a system update for your mobile phone, the the gears in the settings icon will now turn. In the Smart Things app, the icons move to show you which devices you use. If you to move a robot vacuum cleaner the ground, the Symbol of the vacuum back and forth.

A fun new feature are mobile icons for apps as well as Samsung’s Smartthings app.


night-mode was renamed to dark mode, the white, the background black and the text in black and white. Dark mode is now on other apps and even on the lock and home screen. The phone analyzes to change the Wallpaper the text and notification overlays. If you have a light colored background image, time and date and the text black. This feature works with dynamic images on the lock screen, also.

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A UI-2 is designed for all current Galaxy devices and is optimized for different screen sizes  and devices such as the Galaxy wrinkles and Galaxy Watch. A beta for A UI-2 is currently available for the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, and users with the S10, S10 Plus or S10-E-phones, get support, depending on the location and carrier.

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