Ford Mustang Mach-E supported Tesla as over-the-air-updates – CNET

Ford Mustang Mach-E supported Tesla as over-the-air-updates – CNET

2021 Ford Mustang-E

Over-the-air and is at your service.


Over-the-air updates are not completely unusual these days, but Tesla is often the poster child for the function. The electric-car maker’s very new updates often suppressed, ranging from performance improvements or even karaoke support via an OTA software update.

Ford will not be left behind, and it detailed almost identical functions, the Mach in the upcoming electric SUV, the Mustang E. On Tuesday, the automaker said, OTA updates are a big part of the SUV and noted that it is almost certain that the Mustang Mach-E features to not have it when it left the factory.

The blue Oval is not only the core technology advertises, it promised these updates often occur without the owner noticing it, for a super-seamless presentation. Mustang Mach-E-drivers can come a certain time for the updates to, and many are less than two minutes. Some are even immediately after the driver fires silently, the electric SUV up.

When an update is completed, drivers will receive always an in-car message in detail, what has to be changed. These improvements range from Sync updates for infotainment purposes, or to one of the numerous on-Board Computer of the Mustang-E. Ford said almost every single computer take Wi-Fi updates.

The first update will come within six months of the Mustang Mach-E production, but what was intended by Ford for him, remains to be seen. Also, for those who do not go home with the electric-SUV, for more Ford vehicles, support OTA updates this year, will Synchronize, as part of a broader “” – 4-system. Maybe Ford is tapped to be the first, some of Tesla’s techy-cache.

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