Foldable Motorola Razr: when to buy and when, where and how the $1,500 phone – CNET

Foldable Motorola Razr: when to buy and when, where and how the $1,500 phone – CNET


The new Razr runs Android, and has a folding display. 

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Motorola Razr is back! It is still a flip phone, but it is larger, has a folding screen and Android. There is also a touch screen on the front of the phone, if you tap it closed for you, and swipe on notifications, or take a quick photo. Even better, the Razr is the most affordable foldable mobile phone of a great fire, priced at $1,500.

The Razr is the first Smartphone with a foldable display, we’ve seen this year. Samsung s Galaxy fold was finally released in September to start a long delay just a few days before it was supposed. Huawei Mate X is now, but only in China.

Motorola provides Razr 6.2-inch screen that folds vertically to touch the ground to slide around so that it easily into your bag to carry. In contrast to the Galaxy-wrinkle, whereby a large screen, especially the Razr portability is emphasized. It comes with all the comfort of a fingerprint reader and 128GB of memory. In contrast to the Galaxy fold, to be the Razr claimed, splash water protected, with a stronger screen. You can read all about what the Motorola Razr is how to use.

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Motorola Razr is futuristic and familiar


Between the nostalgic namesake and unique concept for a foldable mobile phone, there is no doubt, the Razr is appealing. Here is everything you need to know when and where you can buy it.

when can I buy it?

the pre-orders for the Razr start on Dec. 26. Orders will start to arrive sometime in January 2020. The exact date was not announced. 


The Razr will be available in noir black.


There is only one model of the Razr, and it costs you $ 1,500 dollars for 128 GB of storage.

In the United States, it is a Verizon Wireless exclusive

as soon As the pre-orders opened in December, there is only one mobile phone provider in the United States, where you can buy and use the phone-Verizon Wireless. You can pay for Verizon’s payment plan of $63 per month for 24 months, or the full price.

behalf of Motorola

you will be able to have the new Razr directly from Motorola, if it will be made available in December. 

Select Walmart stores will carry

There is no word on which Walmart stores keep the new Razr in stock, but Motorola has said that “select Walmart locations” wearing the new Razr.  

Outside the USA

In the UK, EE, the exclusive carrier for the Razr is. Exact timing and pricing has not yet been announced, but the network has a registration page, if you want to keep up to date. 

The new Razr is launching in Canada in “early 2020,” and it will come to “select markets in Europe starting in December.” Motorola says the Razr will be available in Latin America, Asia and Australia.

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