Flash VPN offer: save 65% online security and site-unlock for the next year

Flash VPN offer: save 65% online security and site-unlock for the next year

It is little wonder, then, that the VPN-sales are booming right now – stuck with so many of us at home, we need to can all the online security of and access to the additional entertainment that we get.

And if you plump still undecided about which provider to use, then IPVanish is a weekend-only flash sale just clinch it. For a single payment of $49, you get a whole year of IPVanish access, covers you on up to 10 devices (laptops, mobile TV streaming sticks, game consoles, and more).

When it comes to VPN quality, we rank IPVanish is extremely high, the supplier has great 24/7 customer support, zero traffic logs, unlimited bandwidth, and excellent Windows-kill-switch. It is really one of the very best in the area.

So you will get the next 12 months of your VPN needs completely covered for the equivalent of only $4.16/£3.35 a month – that’s a massive 65% discount on the regular monthly costs. But if that’s all interesting blades, then we recommend you don’t hang around, as this is a ‘flash-sale’ – that the sentence until the end at midnight (ET) on Sunday, 10. May.

Still not sure if this is the deal for you? Scroll down to see this offer in full, or why not check out our VPN deals guide to all that today for the best deals on cyber-security, Netflix sharing, and geo-location spoofing.

This flash VPN offering full length:

IPVanish VPN | 12 months | 65% off | – $143.88 $49
, Not only rank IPVanish is among the top five best VPN providers as a whole, but the fact that you get 10 simultaneous connections, for the equivalent of about $4/£3 a month makes it a tremendous value for money. Plus you have the unrestricted right to use, access to over 1,400 servers, and the ability always to unblock Netflix overseas.

OFFER expires at MIDNIGHT, and ON SUNDAY NIGHTView deal

How well IPVanish is?

as well as the unblock Netflix, (Hello streaming!) and as one of the best value for money-VPNs, it is also a 30-day money-back guarantee and servers in over 75 countries. 

Plus, it offers incredible download speeds, so you need to over the VPN slow down your device, and it has a variety of powerful, configurable apps. whether privacy, streaming, or cost, is the reason for getting a VPN, IPVanish all the boxes tick. 

are you Still undecided? Take a look at to check our IPVanish.

Released on Sat, 09. May 2020 19:07:44 +0000

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