First Google-Pixel-4 ‘- function drop,” adds cavalcade of new abilities – TechRadar India

First Google-Pixel-4 ‘- function drop,” adds cavalcade of new abilities – TechRadar India

Although the Pixel 4 and 4 XL only started a little over a month ago, Google today announced be a number of new features to the Android flagships, with “the first Pixel function drop” is set to roll out this month.

The new update on Pixel-4 handset in the coming weeks and includes three main features: the ability to add background blur in photos after they are taken, robocall-screening and improved Duo video call.

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As already mentioned, the update allows you to select any image in the Google photos app and select a variable amount of portrait-style background bokeh effect to your recording, essentially the raising of the standard of their subjects by improving the photo’s depth of field.

For a few photos, the possibility of this blur will show how a proposed action when you open the image, but you can manually access to any photo by clicking the heading on “edit” then hit the “blur” slider in the “levels” tab.

The robocall-screening feature is available only in the United States, to begin with, and it works through the screening of an unknown number, even before it has a chance to ring on your mobile phone. If a robocaller is detected, the call is refused automatically, but if it is a real person, your phone will “ring a few moments later with a helpful context to rich, who is calling and why.”

Video calls using Google Duo a few new nice features. Auto-framing automatically detects your face and keep it centered, if you are on a call, and if it detects someone else with the accession of the shot, to extend the framework to fit them in.

improvements to audio-and video-quality, the Duo calls have also been made, with machine learning, to predict the audio in the event of a dropout, as well as the compatibility of Pixel 4 is 90Hz Smooth Display.

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Some other updates that include mention of improved Maps accuracy for the Pixel 4, the background-blur in the Duo calls for pixels 2, 3, and 4, devices, improvements and additions to the Digital well-being service, and better memory management for all of the pixels phones.

Slipped towards the end of the blog post is the news that the Pixel 4 is the range of will also get recently updated Google wizard, although it is currently only available in English and in the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Ireland. 

In the blog post mentioned that the Pixel mobile phones have always received monthly updates for performance and security, but now “feature drop bring you more helpful and fun features, which the users on a regular basis”, so it sounded like Pixel owners can expect more to come in the future.

Released on Tue, 10 December 2019 01:50:00 +0000

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