Finished My Lit Staircase Project!

Finished My Lit Staircase Project!

More pictures and video of them in turn, and in the imgur link below!

Replace the quarter-round trim on my staircase with LED bar V-shape aluminum extrusion, with a light-impermeable cover. 2 sets of 5 meter long LED-strip-lights ordered to the Assembly in the channel. Around 1200 LED’s in the entire setup. Drilled through my floor into the basement, and the wires ran down the wall in the basement. Connected to the 12V DC power supply and a dimmer. To control the power supply supplied to a GE z-wave smart switch, with smart things. Had a outlet plug-in everything, luckily I had to tap a box in the vicinity, I could have you in the power.

you come at sunset and off at a set time, before going to bed. Also comes on in the morning, when my Alarm go off, to make it easier to see, to let down the stairs, the dog. If I’m home, they don’t. Makes a nice low light in the night, to move on so that it is easily between the top and bottom, without any other lights. Also nice at the top of the stairs when we have guests over, so that you can see your way to the bathroom in the night without any other lights.

Currently, there is a very dim 6 Watt, so it is too bright to look at, if you go up the stairs. Smart switch only on/off at the moment. Can’t see to do 12v dim in the future, but for now I really need to.

Illuminated Staircase!

someone is Because I know issues:

aluminum Extrusion, V-channel:

LED strip:

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