Final Fantasy 7 Remake-Materia Guide: Essential Materia’ve Missed You Maybe – GameSpot

Final Fantasy 7 Remake-Materia Guide: Essential Materia You may have Missed – GameSpot

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a huge game with a very simple structure. In the course of his 40-plus hours of play, you go from dungeon to dungeon, completing some side-missions along the way, while the story forward and rarely. If you allow yourself to be swept up in the dynamics, to get rid of your mission, Midgar, it can be easy to miss, valuable collector’s items by mistake. Some of the most important is the Materia, the colored balls, which you can equip to characters to beef up your basic skills to attack by spells, abilities, and charge.

You, it is not possible to avoid all of the useful Materia you can collect during your trip. Here, we have detailed and easy to that includes information about what you do and how to find them. With this guide you will be able to find, Materia such as revive, Elemental, HP-Up, Zoom in and much more.

Be sure to check back often as we update this feature with even more essential Materia, you have overlooked perhaps. More about Materia, read our Materia loadout guide on how to get the right set for your party. Otherwise, read on to check out our FF7 Remake.


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The HP Up Materia is one of the easiest, you can miss the early. As you explore the streets of Midgar, sector-1, while in Chapter 2, they will come, the soldiers guarding a checkpoint with a white van on the other side, and next to that a purple ball of HP Up Materia is located. Unfortunately, you can’t attack, so keep moving until you get to a cutscene, followed by an attack from Shinra security forces. Before we engage further, back to the East in the direction of the checkpoint, and then the Materia.

Deadly Dodge

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From a tactical perspective, the Deadly Dodge fighting the Materia is essential for the early fights as a Cloud. It allows you to Dodge in the direction of enemies with an area-of-effect attack that is excellent for the opening of most battles.

a Deadly Dodge Materia in the item shop later in Chapter 3, but you can for free in Chapter 2. In the direction of the South, where you the HP Up Materia mentioned above. Only before, the fountain plaza, you will have to fend off three more troopers. If you are being treated, once, check, in addition to the car is a Deadly Dodge Materia.


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Auto cure is healed an excellent protection for the storage of a member of the group, while a hard encounter. At its base level, it is the healing of the weakened party members is up to three times per battle. But it is not enabled, if you don’t have cost enough MP and ATB to go to or if you control the character in need of healing.

the Auto-healing Materia, sync with Chadley, the strange child in the sector 7 Slums, who wants to help her, the development of new Materia. He ‘ ll give you the Rate, Materia, if you scrap Boulevard retrieve the search; use it on all the enemies you fight, the data you need. Later, he will unlock you battle Intel tasks with a variety of goals to additional Materia-some of which we will show in this guide–that you will usually want to prioritize them on the page, more access to different Materia types. For this report, if you have analyzed will not have to buy the two different kinds of enemies, the newly developed Auto-healing Materia at a discounted price.

First Strike

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the completion of Chadley the third battle of the Intel-report-nets you a “First Strike” Materia. It’s not too hard to miss, but it is worth noting, just in case you don’t check-in with Chadley often. First Strike is super handy for the strengthening of the amount of ATB you will of course earn to the start a battle. To check the equipment you want on Tifa, if you made her have her head, as her incredible strength, the ability is good to start building as quickly as possible during a battle. After the purchase an iron sword for Cloud, during Chapter 3, you should have no trouble earn required First to strike from Chadley, as a conclusion of the associated battle Intel report that they are staggered different skills on enemies while still.

cleaning Materia

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cleaning Materia fundamental. With this handy ball of Materia, you can cure the poison status effect with MP–eliminates the need for the use of antidotes. After acquiring enough AP on it many times, you can use Esuna, which cures all status conditions.

self cleaning Materia, you need to get the rat Problem side mission in Chapter 3. The Item Shop owner to speak, as soon as the game tells you, you are free to tackle the optional quests. Then take the path in the direction of the North, on the West side of the Seventh heaven. Duck through the tube, so give it a vacant lot full of rats. Take them out and open the chest on the East side of the area for the three shells.

Back to the crowd and in the fight against the Doom. They are pretty fast, so try with Punisher to crop mode, counter-attack, the use your health and magic, to hit from afar. To knock out if you can suffered do some damage, you will stagger rats, causing them to you. If you are back in the Item Shop owner, you can get a Cleaning Materia for a discounted price.


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Phoenix Downs are expensive, and while you can find them in the occasional breast, your supply is usually limited. So why not have a Materia on hand that will help bring your friends back from the dead with the MP? Revival is a must-have that you do not lack to be relatively early, but in the end, if you’re not careful.

After the boss in Chapter 4, follow the target, back into the sector 7 plate edge. Just before the first curve to the right, take the Revival Materia lying on the floor, to your left side, directly in front of the catwalk.

Chocobo And Moogle Summon Materia

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After getting your first summon Materia at the start of Chapter 4, you will probably be smacking at the bit for the next one. The next Summon Materia in Chapter 6 of Tifa, as you slowly pass by, some of the industrial ventilation fans is advised. Unfortunately, you can’t access it until after the shut down of two of the three height of the sun in the area.

Once the deed is done, return to the H-01-to section on how to use the gondola, you back in the direction of the ventilation. On the other hand, take the head to a service lounge, where you can enable a console that orders you to do some cleaning, maintenance in the next room, within a minute. Kill all the enemies and press the button on the console at the end of the room in time to complete the job. Don’t worry, if you don’t kill everything within the time limit, though. You can start by double-clicking again out of the room and hit the console again, a new, easier to fight with some of the weaker enemies.

as soon As you activate the other console, you can head in the fan corridor and the hooks of the Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia. It is useful to have, are equipped, if you are against the enemies weak to the Wind element.


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If you are in the market for another MP To Matera, Made but I’d rather not fork over the 2,000 Gil to buy a new one, had to then you can hook up a freebie in Chapter 6 The positive effects of these materials are obvious, and you are probably going to want a pair for a special someone who will inevitably end up joining the party later.

Back to the second gondola on the area you entered when the conductor climbed down from the height of the sun 2. Go around the cargo Container to find a ladder down, what to another platform, where you will fight two Queen-Grashtrikes. Send, then you can use the control panel to the bottom of the walkway. Do not align it with the gate so you can cross; instead, always lower, until the MP Up Materia sits on top of the frame is deep enough to grab you.

Elemental Materia

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The Elemental Materia is a practical way to lend, a member of the party, the melee power attacks with elemental, if you have a weapon or increase your magical defense against a specific element, if you of armor. To explain, weapons and armor have sockets that you love Materia in, and there are two types of outlets: single, insulated, and common. The joint sockets can use what you to activate Elemental weapons and armor. We recommend that you enter this to Cloud, but try to be careful, if you are facing an enemy whose elemental affinity is the current member who is with this Materia.

To give yourself a elemental matter, follow the instructions above in detail about how to MP during Chapter 6. After a Manipulation of the walkway to the MP Up Materia, put it back in place, so you can cross it. To grab the head at the far end of the next platform, the Elemental Materia.


Binding Materia is a must-have for the party members, they are to be speccing, powerful mages. It allows you to cast status aiwear-spells such as sleep, silence and berserk. It is possible, the purchase of a wall market Materia shop, in Chapter 9, but this is 3,000 Gil, and who wants to burn that much hard earned money on something that you can get for free?

A Binding Materia to the Disposition is in the past, while Chapter 9 if you need to have a robot hand, a couple of cargo containers. Directly after the fight against the three Terpsicolts, look for a ramp down on the East side of the area, where you’ll find a split path. To find it Head up the path with the slope, which controls for the large robotic hand. To get use of the hand, the cargo container and move it to the right, so that there is a path with the wooden walkway in the vicinity of the binding Materia on top of it. If Aerith head to pick up down, and lay on top of the cargo container. You will then run over and grab the bind Materia for you.

Zoom in

The Zoom Materia works similarly to Elemental is that it has a place in the common slots. If you Zoom in on a magic Materia, you can throw that the spell on multiple targets. So, if you Zoom in to the healing Materia, there will be several characters to heal instead of just one. It also works the same way for the attack spell, but it is important to note, that receives the primary goal of the majority of the damage, and the people around you get a discounted amount.

you will find a Zoom in Materia not long after you Binding in Chapter 9. After they first confronted a guy by the name of Beck and his goonies, go, until you reach a further portion with a robot hand you can use to move around a few containers. You can grab the Zoom Materia by moving the first container upwardly and to the right to a path, then Aerith off on goal falling to procure for you, the it in its place.

All of The Summon Materia From Chadley Intel reports

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you are If you shooting your way through the FF7 story, guaranteed to miss the majority of the game, the Summon Materia. Because if you don’t talk Chadley, then you’re going to get yourself lock up this mighty battle, allies-for a while at least.

the process of more Summon Materia, speak Chadley again as early as in Chapter 8, access to your first VR Mission, which is a unique challenge, to earn you in the fight against a creature, their respective Materia.

Make it a rule of thumb to find Chadley every time you come to a new semI can explore the open area, in which you can, and do, side missions, because chances are, he now has to complete a new VR battle for you. Decisive moments, in which you can speak to him of a new VR Mission Chapter 8 (Shiva), Chapter 9 (Fat-Chocobo), and Chapter 14 (Leviathan). It is another that you can earn, but you can only do that by the conclusion of Chadley the battle of Intel Reports. We have listed whose identity, according to this spoiler tag: Bahamut.

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