FIG Positioned as a ‘Mid-Level’ – Home Automation for the CEDIA channel – CEPRO – CEPro

FIG Positioned as a ‘Mid-Level’ – Home Automation for the CEDIA channel – CEPRO – CEPro

FIG-Positioned as a 'Mid-Level' Home Automation for CEDIA-channel

FIG, Benjamin Fuller: You don’t see any sleek products, as those in other mid-market smart-home systems.

ABB, the Switzerland-based energy -, electrical-and automation giant is in the process of its groove in the US smart home market.

In the year 2018, the company launched its [email protected] in the United States A year later, at the CEDIA Expo in 2019, FIG its messaging-as-a-pre-eminent smart home provider for the mid-market.

“We went after the high end,” says Benjamin Fuller, US
marketing and sales director for clients such as ABB, “but we have learned to focus on the mid-tier.”

the [email protected] is all about the next-gen System Access Point 2.0 ($399 SRP), the communication with the FIG-cloud -, and third-party systems via Wi-Fi. The hub communicates with the ABB’s in-house automation devices, the via a proprietary 2.4-GHz wireless-mesh-technology and/or a twisted-pair bus with the KNX control Protocol.

The company prides itself on sleek industrial design, the
likes of which you don’t see in most of the price of home automation systems. FIG
smart thermostat ($245 retail), for example, has a touch-LCD-interface,
adjusts the brightness based on ambient light. A built-in proximity
sensor the display Wake up when motion is detected. Elegant LED turns on the
display colors change based on the mode – red is heat, blue is cool.
A built-in humidity sensor can be used to trigger local
Air Humidifier/Dehumidifier.

“For me, this is the big one. There is no solution like this, not at this price.”

FIG, Benjamin Fuller on IP-Based “Welcome” door-Entry-System

Likewise, FIG newish “Welcome,” IP-door-entry solution for the [email protected] ecosystem, is inexpensive, and beautiful to look at, as is the companion 7-inch indoor monitor, it allows users to the entry of cam (and other cameras to display on the plot), the communication with the visitor, operation of the access control system and control of the entire house … just like [email protected] mobile app.

“I don’t see a lot of mid-tier solutions
beautiful [access] the control panel can do-intercom system in the entire house,”
Fuller says.

It is When he demos the intercom system with the [email protected]“, a
slam dunk,” he adds. “For me, this is the big one. There is no solution like this,
not at this price.”

[email protected] automation and door entry system.

Fuller says that integrators, the spec of the other traditional
mid-level control systems “want something for smaller work,” include the could
access control and intercom systems, air conditioning systems, security, and integration with popular
third-party products, including Philips Hue, Sonos, Amazon’s Alexa … and now Bosch

On the other hand, security dealers, has been using ABB as
Upsell Opportunity. Fuller remembers a certain trader, the “they went into a large
Residential project and brought in our smart home offer. … He was hired to
make cameras and ended up selling ABB with more than 100 smart devices.”

FIG-merchant in the program
High tours

in the past year, as shown in FIG its smart-home has refined-product
Line for the channel, in addition, the company has outsourced its dealer program — integration of
local repetitions and the setting of regional-business-development-resources for the beginning. In
in addition, FIG, the FIG-Installer started
program training, marketing materials and improved
Support for the dealer-members. Integrators can spread earn valuable rewards
every month, redeemable by the company Installer advantage website.

FIG discussed the program with dealers at CEDIA Expo 2019,
to enjoy where participants got a 30-foot experience” in a mock-apartment

generates The card “many good leads, which is already in business opportunities for us,” said Fuller. “I think we benefited from some more recognition of the brand this year (in 2019) compared to the last year (2018) as well as a unique experience for the customer, as our solutions in a working environment – our smart Home experience”.

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